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Types of Heaters in Nepal

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Winter is near and all we need is that warms us. Heaters can be the best option for warming our cold winter. You can be warm in frenzy cold and be easy with your works in your own space. Moreover, with the heaters, you can enjoy the temperature you want, high, normal, or a little low. Today in this article we will discuss the types of heaters in Nepal.

Before We Begin

Heaters are devices that keep your room warm. Room heaters help to keep not just an individual, but the entire room warm for extended periods. However, since there are many options available in the market today, it might get difficult to pick the ‘right’ room heater for your choice. Thus, here we are with the list of types of heaters in Nepal.

Different Types of Heaters

If you are looking for a room heater that suits your need. You need to choose the heater that is with these features in it. Before we choose any type of room heater, we need to look for heaters that are energy efficient. Moreover, portability, humidity, and heating speed are also the thing that we need to look at in a room heater.

Room heaters with less noise, portable, and thermostat control are wise options to choose. For now, without delay let us talk about the types of heaters in Nepal.

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Radiant Electric Heaters

Image Source: Heatpumpsource

The first heaters we have on our list are Radiant heaters or infrared heaters. This type of heater uses infrared technology to generate warmth that targets people and objects, instead of the air. Radiant electric heaters have an extremely energy-efficient way to heat spaces. These heaters work best when you’re right in their path.

Price Range: Nrs. 1,000 to 3,500

Electric Convection Heaters

Image Source: Medlocks

Electric convection heaters operate by drawing cold air (convection currents) over a heating element before passing it back into the room. These heaters can effectively heat an entire room and not just a particular area, over an extended period. Electric convection heaters are quick to warm up. Moreover, they have no exposed heating elements.

Price Range: Nrs. 6,000 to 11,000

Electric Fan Heaters

Image Source: Nephot

Electric fan heaters are small, portable, and practical heating devices. They are an ideal product for heating smaller spaces within the home as they don’t take up much space. It uses an electrical resistance set up to warm the air. These heaters draw the ambient air, heat it, and then redistribute the hot air throughout the space. Electric fan heaters are not energy efficient and are noisy.

Price Range: Nrs. 1,800 to 7,000

Oil Heaters

Image Source: Poschh

Another type of heater is Oil heaters or oil-filled column heaters. The oil heater uses electricity to heat the oil inside a sealed column. After the columns are heated, they transfer the heat into the room. These heaters take a little long time to heat. But once the oil columns are heated, they work pretty efficiently. It is a good option for long-term heating. The oil inside the heater works as a heat reservoir.

Price Range: Nrs. 10,000 to 25,000

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Gas Heaters

Heater in Nepal
Image Source: Heatpumpsource

Gas heaters are generally a little cheaper to run than electric heaters. It heats a room or outdoor area by burning natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, propane, or butane. Gas heaters are either of two types that are unflued or flued. Unflued gas heaters are portable and while flued, means they will be fixed, with a flue pipe venting emissions out of the home. 

Price Range: Nrs. 7,000 to 11,000

These are the types of room heaters available in Nepal. Now let’s look at the best heaters available in Nepal with their price and key specifications.

Best Heaters in Nepal

In Nepal, we can find many heaters of various sizes and shapes. Moreover, heaters also have different technologies and prices. Here below are the best heaters available in Nepal.

Black + Decker Oil Radiator Heater-11Fins

heater in Nepal
Image Source: Hamrokitchen

Price: Nrs. 22,500

Cord storage reduces clutter on the floor2500 Watt power
Integrated carry handleThermostat control sets the temperature at your convenience
Room Area Coverage of 25-meter square3 heat settings to suit different room sizes
Rear safety cover and Overheat protection for safety usageFan heater added power to heat your room

Electron Fan Heater PTC Element

heater in Nepal
Image Source: Hamrokitchen

Price: Nrs. 3,190

750W/1500W Heating power•Fan/warm/hot wind selection
•Adjustable Thermostat1 Year Warranty
•Safety thermal-fuse and tip-over switchPTC heating element

•Baltra Gas + Electric (2 In 1) Room And Office Heater

Image Source: Daraz

Price: 14,900

100% safety shut-off controlEasily movable with castor wheels
Maximum power 4200 Watt (LPG)Electric 3 heat setting 500W/1000W/1500W
Three power settingMaximum power 1500 Watt (ELECTRIC)
Oxygen depletionHeating by gas and electricity
Heatproof paintingInfrared, fast heating energy saving

Baltra Halogen Heater (Dream)

Image Source: Daraz

Price: Nrs. 2,900

Heat setting 400W-800W-1200W3 Rod heating
High efficiency, Energy savingHigh-temperature resistant plastic housing
Cool-touch cabinetWide-angle oscillating function 70 degree
With handle portableSafety tip-over switch

KM KIYU KY303 1200W 3 Rod Premium Halogen Heater

Image Source: Daraz

Price: Nrs. 3,200

Total Power: 1200WMaterial: Premium Grade Plastic
Warranty: One Year Company WarrantyRod: High-Quality Long Lasting Halogen Rod
Additional One Year Company Service WarrantyHeating Functions : 3 Heating Function (400W, 800W & 1200W)

These are all about heaters in Nepal. You can buy heaters at:


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