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Grading System in Nepal

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The education system in Nepal has gone through different changes as per the development of other aspects in Nepal. For instance, the % system of academic evaluation has now changed to the GPA system. Nevertheless, many students and guardians are still not so clear about the GPA system. Here, in this article, you will get to know everything about the Grading system in Nepal including the GPA, SGPA, CGPA grading system.

Unlike the Percentage system, the grading system has grades from “A” to “F”

GPA System in Education

A student’s GPA is the sum of all subject grades divided by total credit hours or the number of subjects throughout a semester or a grade.

Moreover, the letter grading system is different at the School level/high school level and is different at the university level. Similarly, the students get grades according to their GPA (Grade Point Average) in exams.

For one thing, the GPA system helps to reduce unhealthy competition between students. Also, it helps to reduce pressure on students and encourages them for joy-full and stress-free learning.

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GPA System in Nepal

Indeed, Nepal introduced a grading systemin education for matching the education system around the world. Moreover, the GPA system for the Secondary Education Examination level was started in the year 2072 B.S. (2015 AD). 

Likewise, the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) introduced the GPA system in Nepal for grades XI and XII in the year 2073 B.S. (2016). While, at university-level education, most courses follow the GPA system.

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GPA System in Secondary Education

In particular, the GPA system uses a letter grading system from “A” to “F”. However, there is a slight difference between the grading system of schools and universities.

How to calculate GPA?

GPA uses a standardized rule for its calculation.

GPA calculation for S.E.E

Calculation for Grade 11:

GPA calculation for Grade 12:

Average GPA calculation of Grade 11 and 12:

Grading System in SEE and +2 / NEB

Find here what grade equals what score. As well as that, the grading system is more like a classification based on the range of marks scored.

ScoreLetter GradeGrade Point
90 – 100A+3.6-4.0
80 – 89A3.2-3.6
70 – 79B+2.8-3.2
60 – 69B2.4-2.8
50 – 59C+2.0-2.4
40 – 49C1.6-2.0
30 – 39D+1.2-1.6
20 – 29D0.8-1.2
0 – 19E0.00-0.8

GPA System in University

On the other hand, the GPA system in university differs from the school level. In universities, Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) calculation evaluates student’s performance and grade. 

To show that, SGPA is the average grade point of a student in a particular semester. And, CGPA is the average of all the semester throughout the course.

SGPA Calculation:

CGPA Calculation:

Grading System in University

  Letter Grade  Honor Point  Score
A4.090 and above
A-3.785 and above, but below 90)
B+3.380 And above, but below 85
B3.075 and above, but below 80
B-2.770 and above, but below 75
C+2.365 and above, but below 70
C2.060 and above, but below 65
C-1.755 and above, but below 60
D+1.350 and above, but below 55
D1.045 and above, but below 50
F0.0Below 45

On the EndNote…

GPA is the average of the grade points earned by the students in a particular course. GPA helps to reduce unhealthy competition between high-level achievers. It also minimizes pressure for students to study.

Indeed, the grading system in Nepal is helping to match the education system of the world of globalization.

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