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GPS Map Camera; Your Favourite App for Travel;

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Travelling is one of the favorite perks of hodophile & globetrotter.  They get to go to places they have never been before. They can do a fair share of travel wherever they want to. Each trip gives off a different experience, and each experience has its own story to follow. Today, in this article we have brought information about your travel mate, the GPS Map Camera App. This app can be your one true travel partner.

Special thanks to our Guest Author Ritika Shaikh from Surat in Gujrat, India.

Whether it’s a travel to a new place or travel within the city itself, we all love clicking pictures and letting others know via social platforms, about our locations. And for that, we need to add the location write down the time place everything before we can share.

Well, these problems can easily be solved by just using an app such as GPS Map Camera that provide the exact time, location, date, and many other features such as temperature, latitude/longitude of the exact place where you are which is a great feature to have in a single app.

I would suggest this app and if you love to click pictures and share with your friends, you can download the app from here.

ANDROID, Click here

IOS, Click here

GPS Map Camera App

Track Live location along with your captured Photos by GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location Application. Send your Geo Location of Street / Place added photos to your Family & Friends, and let them know about your best Earth travel memories.

Seeing new places, meeting different people, trying some tasty dishes will make one feel like living in an alternative world.

Interesting Features

Get Custom camera with Grid, Ratio, Front & Selfie camera, Flash, Focus, Mirror, Timer, capture sound Support

Add Date & Timestamp from various formats as an image tag

Add Template of Map, GPS Address, Latitude longitude, Weather, Magnetic Field, Compass with real-time GPS tracking

Template with Notecam feature

Set Map type as Automatic or Manual

Change Map type from Normal, Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid Options

Set GPS Coordinates from DMS or Decimal Options for GPS Stamp

Set Temperature Unit from Celsius or Fahrenheit Options

How to Add GPS Map Location on Photos

Install GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location Application in your SmartPhone

Arrange Formats of Stamps, Change Settings according to Your requirement of GPS map Location Stamp

Add GPS Location stamps automatically to your clicked pictures

Thanks to Ritika Shaikh from Gujrat, India for sending us this article

Why have GPS Map Camera Application in Your Smartphone?

To get Satellite Map Stamp on Photos while clicking

For putting GPS Map Location Stamp on photos

Adding Geotag Stamp & date stamp to make click focused

Find Photo Location stamp with the geotagging camera at one place

To Add Date Timestamp which performs as both timestamp & date stamper

Works as GPS note camera that easily stamps GPS details on photo

Put Longitude, Latitude, Address, Date-Time, Location stamp to Photos

Utilize as GPS tracker on Photos

To Get Location image stamp with simple camera GPS

Camera timestamp having custom stamps for adding details manually

So why not have one such application that can give you all the information about your location without getting worried about where you are exactly, so Just Download the app and try it.

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