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Goods You Can Custom Free to Nepal

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Goods You Can Bring Freely to Nepal

Hello readers, welcome. Hope you are doing well. More than 10% percent of Nepalese are in foreign employment. Many of them return and many of them go abroad. Nepalese bring Mobile, TV, Laptop, Gold, or any other goods when they return to Nepal. But, carrying goods more than the limit or rule is strictly liable to fine or seize. We need to understand the rules and limits set by the Nepal government. Thus, this article will help you with goods you can bring freely to Nepal.

Goods You Can Bring Freely to Nepal
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Before we begin

Nepalese bring goods back to Nepal from their hard-earned money abroad. Bringing back goods that are liable to fine, seize, or any other punishment may waste money. Moreover, fine and seizing of goods will also affect the emotions of the returnees. Thus, we need to know all the rules and limits when we bring goods back to Nepal. So now, let us talk about the goods you can bring freely to Nepal.

What and how many goods you can bring freely to Nepal

Department of Customs collects Customs duty, Value Added Tax, Excise, and other taxes at the border points. Customs duty alone contributes 20 % of the total tax revenue in Nepal. Department of Customs runs under the Ministry of Finance, Nepal government. Thus without delay let’s know all the rules for goods you can bring freely to Nepal.

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Nepalese passengers returned from foreign countries

There is no customs duty for all or any personal goods mentioned below: You can bring these goods freely to Nepal.

Used clothes, beds, and articles for household use
Medicine imported by the patients returning after the medical treatment
Accessories used by the physical weak person
One bottle of liquor up to 1 liter
One-pieces each of tablets, or laptop, or computer, watch, still camera, video camera, cellular mobile phone and pen drive
Up to 7 kilograms of foodstuff
One-pieces each of children’s perambulator and tri-cycle
Gold ornaments up to fifty grams, silver ornaments up to five hundred grams, and ornaments mounted with precious stone worth up to Rs. one hundred thousand
One-piece each of professional goods used by the professional passenger (for example for medical doctor stethoscope and instruments for testing blood pressure; sports item like football, volleyball, badminton set for players; ordinary musical instruments like guitar, harmonium, tambourine, etc. for musician

Provision of Custom Duty

Note: If the passenger imported  Gold ornaments more than fifty grams, silver ornaments more than five hundred grams, and ornaments mounted with precious stone more than Rs. one hundred thousand; and more than one liter one bottle liquor, the chief of the customs office may clear such goods in consideration of the passenger’s condition, number of family members, country of residence, and the period of stay.

Nepali citizens returning from abroad after staying six months or more can carry with them up to five hundred grams of gold and gold ornaments and up to one kilogram of silver and silver ornaments by charging prevailing customs duty. The customs officer will deduct duty for the 50 grams of gold and gold ornaments and 500 grams of silver and silver ornaments, and the duty shall be levied on the rest of the quantities.

If any Nepali passenger, who spent less than six months in a foreign country, coming back gold-ornament up to 400 grams then 50 grams of gold is not liable for duty. And, the rest of the quantity is subject to charge the chargeable duty, and an additional 50 % of such chargeable duty is liable.

However, if you are a cross-border traveler, the customs duty officer may grant duty-free import or export up to the aggregate value of Rs 100/ on the household items for personal use. Nevertheless, anything mentioned above, any one piece of tablet or laptop or computer shall be exempted from the duty chargeable is accompanied by the Nepalese student studying in India.

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Goods that you can import by paying customs duty

Nepali citizens can import the goods mentioned below by paying customs duty. In case of goods dispatched before or after leaving the country of residence, such goods should be deposited in the customs go-down within three months of the date of the arrival of such passenger in Nepal.

One set each of television, music system, refrigerator, washing machine, fan, radio
Up to 15 items of  clothes, shoes, cosmetics, etc
Two sets of each ordinary domestic utilities (such as mixture, juicer, sewing machine, gas table, iron,   rice cooker, etc
Up to 10 kilograms of foodstuff
Two items of each instrument to enhance the skill of professional passengers (like doctors, engineers)
Except the goods mentioned above, up to two-piece of each other household goods for entirely domestic use

Nevertheless, if you imported household goods in excess of the specified quantity then, the chief of the customs office may allow clearing such goods at his discretion charging customs duty at the flat rate in consideration of the passenger’s condition, a number of family members, country of residence, and the period of stay.

If a person living in a foreign country dispatched any of the goods mentioned above worth up to the US $ 350 to the relative or the members of the family, then the customs duty officer shall charge the duty and clear it.

Duty Exemption

However, if the passenger who returned from abroad after staying more than six months, dispatched goods customs duty on such goods shall be exempted up to the value mentioned below. If the value of goods is more than the value, the customs duty officer will charge customs duty on the excess value of goods.

Up to Rs. 15,000/ for the passenger staying in the foreign country for more than six months to one year;
Up to Rs. 25,000/ for the passenger staying in the foreign country for more than one year.     

Note: Passenger under the age of sixteen is able to grab only 50 percent of the exemption limits as above. In addition, If the items specified in the list of goods are allowed to import as per Nepal Gazette notification of the Ministry of Commerce but are not included above, such goods are cleared by charging prevailing duty. But in the case of such goods, the exemption in the value as per above will not be granted. 

Other Rules You Need to Know:

Nepali passengers living in a foreign country, who dispatched his / her used clothes through the foreign post office, will be entitled to customs exemption on such clothes;
Cigarette (200 sticks) or cigars (50 sticks) will be allowed to import by charging prevailing duty. If cigarettes or cigars are imported in excess of the specified quantity, such items may be cleared by charging prevailing customs duty. An additional hundred percent customs duty will be taken on the excess quantity of such items.
No duty is taken once on the import of personal use household articles up to the value of Rs 50,000 (except vehicle, arms and armaments, and other banned items) to the Nepali citizen retired with a pension from the Indian Army or Police. The exemption is granted upon the presentation of a retirement certificate.
Any Nepali citizen who is proved to be dead in a foreign country, such as a dead person’s and his family’s personal effects (except the vehicle) shall be the duty exempted.
 Goods imported by the passenger shall not be deposited or transferred for clearance in the name other than the passenger.

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In the end

These are rules you need to know about the What and How many goods You Can Bring Freely to Nepal, import, or dispatch to Nepal. Moreover, Flying crew members can’t import any items except personal use items. If they import such items, the customs duty officer will seize them.

So, if you understand these rules, and limited definitely you will not waste your hard-earned money abroad.

Thank you for reading. If you find this article helpful please like and share this article. Stay safe.