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Best Furniture for Restaurant in Nepal

Written by Amar Chhantyal · 1 min read >

There are numerous different service industries that offer numerous different services. To make a living, people have been offering these services. Food and beverage service is one of the most often found services when visiting popular tourists. Therefore, opening a restaurant can be a fantastic choice if you reside close to a popular tourist destination. Here, we’ll discuss the furniture you might need for your restaurant

Furniture to buy for your restaurant

The type and number of furniture you want in your restaurant depend on how big or elaborate you want to make your restaurant. It can range from a simple 1 room with an attached kitchen to multiple floors with separate cooking places. So here is a list of furniture for your restaurant.

Restaurant Table and chair/bench

Image: Table with chair and bench

The customer arrives to this table to enjoy their meal. Size-wise, they are often capable of handling 4 to 6 people. The table may have a bench or a chair. Despite the fact that a decent-sized restaurant employs hardwood rectangle tables, some high-end establishments replace a smaller table with a glass surface. Even though it may not be a crucial function, this might make a business more attractive for visitors. Avoiding padded chairs is advised unless you intend to run a high-end restaurant because they aren’t very well known for client use.


Image: Sideboard

If you are planning to run a restaurant you will need many plates, glasses, and other vessels. To keep these vessels organized it’s a good idea to buy a sideboard. A sideboard is furniture designed to hold plates, side dishes and other accessories. It has cupboards and drawers to store those vessels.

Hostess desk

Image: Hostess table

It usually sits near the front door of the restaurant. This is the first point of contact for customers. This is also where customers can come to ask questions about the restaurant. It is usually height enough to cover half of the hostess’s body and contains a rack and drawers. Having a good-looking hostess table can help give customers a good impression of the restaurant itself.


Starting a service industry can be a challenge unless the location is chosen correctly and the facility provided meets up to a standard. In the restaurant industry, this doesn’t include food only it also includes the furniture. If the customers feel uncomfortable while eating chance of them returning decreases. Along with furniture different equipment need to be present to give a customer truly satisfactory dining.