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FIFA World Cup 2022; When will Nepal Qualify?

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Hello All! It’s 2021 and we all know that only one year is left for the FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) World Cup 2022. Definitely, the FIFA World Cup 2022 is one of the trending topics these days. Today, in this article you will get to know about the FIFA World Cup 2022 and also something about Nepalese football.

First of all, we all know that the FIFA World Cup is the greatest football festival, that holds every 4 years. Many countries all over the world compete for the world cup trophy. The world celebrates FIFA World Cup with joy and cheer.

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As a matter of fact, every football lover likes to celebrate the FIFA World Cup. All football fans eagerly wait for the FIFA World Cup and support their respective countries, favorite players, or their favorite country.

When and Where will the FIFA World Cup 2022 take place?

The FIFA World Cup 2022 will take place in Qatar. Moreover, the world cup will be held from 21st November 2022 to 18th December 2022.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

Some of the World Cup Winners 

Every country aims to win this prestigious cup. However, we can have only one FIFA trophy winner once every four years. Here are a few countries that have won the FIFA World Cup in the last two decades.

2018 France
2014 Germany
2010 Spain
2006 Italy
2002 Brazil
1998 France
1994 Brazil

Has Nepal Qualified to Take Part in the FIFA World Cup 2022?

Sadly, Nepal has not yet qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2022. There is still a long way to go. Hopefully, there are chances we may still advance as a group runner-up in world cup qualifier matches this time or the next.

When will Nepal qualify for FIFA World Cup 2022?

In like manner, it is really difficult to answer the exact time, years, or date when Nepal will qualify for the FIFA World Cup. In fact, to qualify for the FIFA World Cup, there are some criteria every participating country should follow.

Moreover, all FIFA member associations, of which there are currently 211 countries, are eligible to participate in the world cup qualification matches. FIFA classifies every country under confederations which are Asia, Africa, North, Central America, and Caribbean South America, Oceania, and Europe.

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These groups have their respective confederation qualification matches. In addition, each country in these confederations will be separated into sub-division. And, they have to play the first round, second round, and third-round to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. 

Sequentially, after winning each round, the top winning countries qualify for the World Cup. Also, some group runner-up countries play against each other in a single match for the selection. The winner of that match will advance to the inter-confederation playoffs. These winners of the inter-confederation playoffs also qualify for the FIFA World Cup.

Football in Nepal

Talking about Nepal, we come 171st among 211 countries, according to FIFA in men’s football ranking. As in Women’s football ranking, it is the 92nd among 142 countries. 

Image Source: The Rising Nepal

Gradually, the condition of football in Nepal is improving as compared to the past years. We have seen some impressive performances in recent national matches like the South Asian Games.

Also, we see there is a lot more to improve regarding the infrastructures and motivation to the players. While problems like not enough salary, allowance, and not better career options in football have demotivated many new emerging football players in Nepal.

Furthermore, there are several aspects dragging behind the pace of sports development in Nepal. For instance, lack of proper focus, training, and management from the government level. As well as that, we have very few infrastructures for football and other sports as well.

However, we can see Nepal football is growing and improving slowly. Compared to history, these days, we can really get positive vibes about the development of Nepalese football.

Football Infrastructures in Nepal 

Now, let’s talk about Football infrastructures in Nepal. In Nepal, there are about 17 football stadiums approximately. Also, there are new projects for sports as well.

Dashrath Rangashala
Pokhara Rangashala
  • Domalal Rajbanshi Stadium, Birtamode       
  • Itahari Regional Stadium, Itahari    
  • Sahid Rangasala Rangasala, Biratnagar        
  • Dharan Stadium, Dharan  
  • Tharuhat Stadium, Gaighat              
  • Rajbiraj Stadium, Rajbiraj
  • Simara Stadium, Jitpur Simara        
  • Narayani Stadium, Birgunj               
  • Dasarath Rangasala Stadium, Kathmandu    
  • Halchowk Stadium, Kathmandu
  • ANFA Complex, Lalitpur 
  • Army Ground, Lagankhel
  • Chyasal Football Stadium, Lalitpur
  • Pokhara Rangasala, Pokhara           
  • ANFA Technical Center, Butwal    
  • Mahendra Rangasala, Nepalgunj    
  • Dhangadhi Stadium, Dhangadhi     

For improving Nepal football, there are different football academies for training as well. These football academies provide training to those who want to make football their career or want to learn football.

  • Sahara Football Academy
  • Reale Football Academy
  • Football Training Center
  • Sanogaucharan football academy
  • Lalitpur Sports Training Center
  • Social Welfare Sports Center (Club) SWSC
  • Kumari Club football academy
  • Sports Science Academy of Nepal
  • Anfa Academy
  • Nepal Police Training Academy
  • Grassroots Recreational Center

These football academies have played a very important role in improving Nepal football. Many national and local players are born from these academies in Nepal.

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On the EndNote…

Definitely, Nepal has to fulfill the criteria to qualify for the FIFA world cup. Clearly, it requires the best performance on Confederation qualifying matches to qualify for the FIFA World Cup.

If everything goes right, the FIFA World Cup 2022 holding in Qatar, will be a huge success for sure.

Being positive, Nepal is doing well in other different international matches among the South Asian and Middle East Asian countries. Hence, we can predict that we may get to see the Nepalese team in the FIFA World Cup one day.

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