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Electronic Equipment Problems and their Fixes

Written by Amar Chhantyal · 2 min read >

Electronic equipment are one of the most complex things we have in our house. They can contain so many components that can cause problems that we might not know what to do even as a basic first step of fixing them. So in this article, we are gonna talk about some Electronic Equipment problem and their fixes

To begin with

Though this sound like a joke or stupid thing quite a few basic problems can be fixed by turning off the equipment and then turning them back on. What this does is stops all the processes that are currently running and let the device restart. It’s a force reset for anything that might have fallen over and stopped everything from working properly.

Electronic Equipment Problem and their Fixes

Freezer Frosting Up

This might seem like a common problem this does often happen in houses with children. The main reason for frosting up is when people open up and leave the freezer door open the humid air from outside enters the freezer. The moisture becomes frost inside the appliance. If you neglect it thinking it is not much, over time it will increase and in some case makes it to close the door.

This is an easy problem to solve. Make sure there isn’t any food that could spoil in the freezer as a first step. All that is needed after emptying the freezer is to unplug it and wait for it to gradually defreeze. It can defrost more quickly if the door is left open and a fan is kept running. But be mindful of any messes that any water leaks may cause.

Light Bulb Changing

The light bulb might be regarded as the most significant electrical appliance in a home. Even without appliances like a TV, freezer, or other appliances, a residence should at the very least have a light. The burning out of a light bulb is one of the main issues. The cause could be a faulty batch of bulbs, overtightening that damaged the fixture to bulb connection, vibration from being next to a doorway or a fan, overheating, etc.

The fixes for the problem above aren’t something you need a class to learn. The easiest way to fixing is replacing the bulb itself but over time it can get costly. So it’s easier to prevent some of the problems beforehand. Here are some tips while placing the bulb:

  • the bulb should be screwed in 1/8 past the point it lights up.
  • if you get a bulb from a bad batch just return it as soon as possible.
  • if the bulb is close to placing with vibration make sure the fixture is secure and use LED as it doesn’t have filaments.
  • against overheating make sure there’s no insulation covering the fixture from above and blocking airflow.
  • use LED bulbs for places where light is used for short times so as not to degrade the bulb.

TV Problems

People who spend all their days at home do have not many ways to entertain themselves. Specially, for older adults who have a hard time keeping up with new technologies. So the primary way to solve boredom for them is by watching television. Television has been with them before the time of the internet and they still know how to use it.

The basic problems for a TV and its solution are

  • TV turns on but no picture
    This usually happens because the Tv is in the wrong input. So all you need to do is push the button on the remote to change to the right input. But if it still won’t work you can check the cable or satellite receiver to see if it is turned and the connections are secured.
  • Video not matching audio
    This might happen because the audio setting is messed up. and to fix it all you have to do is go into the audio setting and adjust the audio delay.
  • Echo
    Sometimes when a Tv uses a separate sound system and you play both external and Tv speakers echo can be heard. So if you have a separate sound system it is better to disable, mute or turn off the volume all the way down for your Tv speakers and only use your external sound system.
  • Picture pixelation or breaking up
    This usually happens when the signal is weak or the connection is bad. So check all the connections from the wall to the cable box and form the cable box to Tv to ensure that all connections are good. If they are good problem might be the service provider itself.


Although electrical equipment appears to be extremely complicated and challenging to repair. However, a handful of them can be solved with a little assistance from the internet. And if you want to know about different equipment used in different rooms like a bedroom, living room, etc. follow us on Jointread.