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Electric Car Hyundai IONIQ-5 Review

Written by Roshan Bhattarai · 2 min read >

Hello readers, today we are here with a review of the new Hyundai IONIQ-5. If you are looking for a vehicle upgrade, have a look at this review once. By the end, you will definitely get to know everything about the electric car Hyundai IONIQ-5 Review.

Over this recent period, Hyundai has recalled almost 82000 electric cars globally. It has recalled them because there was a problem in the string of electric fires of batteries. This has of course made some losses for Hyundai Company.

Even though the company upgraded the system in the Kona model, the car set to fire. So, the company has recalled all 82000 cars to factories. The company recalled models like Kona and IONIQ-5 for fixing.

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Despite this, it has been producing electric cars in collaboration with KIA motors. So, it is the world’s 4th biggest electric vehicles making company. Its share is approximately 7.2 percent in the world.

Now, Hyundai is releasing a world-famous Ioniq car designed with a crossover utility vehicle with the name of Ioniq-5. In particular, this car is very comfortable for driving and seating. Its space inside is very innovative and open. Seats are very stylish, thinner, stronger, and comfortable. It provides Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) function; through this function, we can use its batteries for charging electric devices. Or, also we can use it for camping, music, lights, etc. Its batteries can charge other electric vehicles too in case of emergency.

IONIQ-5 has a 12-inch instrument cluster and an infotainment system head-up display for making your driving easier and full of entertainment. Furthermore, it has digital highway driving assistance that makes it easier to drive on a highway.

Moreover, it has a very wide space roomier cabin. Ioniq- 5 has a safety kit such as pedestrian detection, automatic emergency braking, and automatic headlights. It has a quick charging mode so; we can charge the battery quickly in the IONIQ-5.

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IONIQ -5 Smart Remote Parking Assist assists you to make your parking easier and safe. Also, it has an auto-flush outside the handle system, which makes this car very stylish. In addition, you can open the outside handles of the car by simply touching the handles and it will flush out.

To make your travel comfier, it also has a “Relaxation Comfort Seat” mode. And, it helps you to relax in your car when you are charging the car or want to rest. Definitely, it is one of the best electric vehicles of Hyundai.

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Features of Hyundai IONIQ-5

Wheelbase3000 mm Wheel size: 20 inch
Height1661 millimeter (mm)
Driving ModeRear-wheel Drive and Alloy wheel drive
Battery Options Small Battery: 58 kWh | Large battery: 72.6 kWh
RangeLarge battery:  470 to 480 kilometers on full charge
Motor Options125 kW, 53 kW, 120 kW, and 173 kW
Max Torque443 Newton Meter (NM)
Acceleration0 to 100 km in 5.2 sec
Top Speed185 kilometers per hour
Charge5 to 80 percent in 18 minutes
ClassCompact Crossover SUV
Body Style5-Door SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle)
PlatformHyundai Electric Global Modular Platform

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In conclusion, Hyundai IONIQ-5 is one of the best electric cars by Hyundai. Definitely, it is very comfortable, powerful, and gives a great experience while traveling.

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