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Dashain Tihar Offers in Bike and Scooter 2078 | Discount and Schemes

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Happy Dashain and Tihar in advance! Every year many companies like automobiles, electronics, clothing, even groceries, announce bulk discount offers and special sales. For instance, Dashain Tihar Offer, New Year Offer, End of Summer Sales, Expos, or others. Dashain and Tihar, the festivals of joy, celebrations, and bonding have come up again. And, so starts the sale and offer season. If you are waiting for the Dashain offer to buy a new bike or scooter, we are here to help you. Here, we have listed out the Dashain Tihar offers in bike and scooter 2078 for you and your loved ones.

Is Dashain Tihar Offers in Bike and Scooter Beneficial?

Actually, buying new vehicles or appliances in such offer seasons is a smart thing to do. Of course, we all love discounts and other freebies that come along with our purchase. And, such offers provide great discount offers and other schemes as well.

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In the context of Nepal, bikes and scooters are most popular for personal use. Easy, fast, and affordable! So, every year, these companies bring great discount offers to the market(definitely a marketing strategy).

However, we can take this opportunity and save our hard-earned money for sure. Also, along with discounts, we can get free servicing, warranty, exchange offers, freebies, and gift hampers.

Here are the Top Dashain Tihar Offers in Bike and Scooter 2078

Bajaj Dashain Offer 2078

On the occasion of Dashain and Tihar, Bajaj has brought a Bajaj Dashain Offer scheme “Bajaj Khushiko 3 Dose”. The offer has monetary incentives under three schemes. Get your favorite ride with Bajaj Pulsar Dashain Discount Offer 2078 and get a chance to win Rs.1,00,000.

Image: Bajaj Dashain Tihar 2078 Offer

Bajaj is one of the most selling bikes in Nepal. In fact, Bajaj Pulsar is the number one sportbike in Nepal. Likewise, there are other models as well like, Avenger, Discover, Platina, etc. Bajaj manages its sales through its authorized showrooms and expos.

1st Dose: Get a cashback of Rs.10,000 after registering (ie. before buying)
2nd Dose: Get a chance to win Rs.1,00,000 with a scratch card (ie. while buying)
3rd Dose: Get a chance to win Rs.10,00,000 through a monthly lucky draw (after buying)

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Suzuki Dashain-Tihar Offer 2078

This year, Suzuki has announced its Festive Season Offer in Suzuki with cashback and bumper prizes. The offer is as “Dashain Ayo Umanga Chhayo, Cashback Ra Bumper Payo”. The offer has cashback, exchange offers, scratch cards, and discounts on other services.erfo aeaeiefejefs ehhThh hTTTYTTTTTTTeTeTeTeTeT

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Image: Suzuki Dashain TIhar Offer 2078

Suzuki is one of the popular automobile companies in Nepal. Both 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers of Suzuki company are popular in Nepal. Every year, Suzuki announces offers and schemes for its customers. You can get Dashain Discount on Suzuki Burgman and Suzuki Access Dashain Offer as well. Moreover, the Suzuki festive discount is also valid for other models.

Rs. 10,000 Sure Shot Cash Discount
Free Road Tax for 1 Year
Exchange Offer
Finance Facility

Hero Dashain Tihar Offer in Bike and Scooter 2078

This festive season, Hero has announced its Hero Dashain Offer as “DashainKo Bela, Heroko Mela”. This festive offer includes incentives, lucky draws, exchange offers, and scratch card offers.

Hero has a huge customer base in Nepal. Hero Splendor is one classic model of Hero. This year Hero is giving a great offer in the Dashain-Tihar discount offer. You will definitely get more benefits now. Here are the offers in Hero Dashain Offer 2078:

5 Minute Guaranteed Exchange Offer
Bumper Prize Rs.1,00,000/-
Sure Shot Cash Discount Rs.6,000/- + Scratch Card
0% Interest and 50% Finance

Motorhead Dashain Tihar Chhat Offer

Next up we have, Motorhead Dashain Tihar Offer 2087. Motorhead is best for its Off-Road Adventure Motorbikes. This festive season, Motorhead has come up with its “Parba Khushiko, Parba Bishwasko” offer for its customers.

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Image: Dashain Tihar Discount Motorhead

This offer will be valid from 24th September 2078 to 24th November 2078. Now, here is what the offer has in store for you:

12,000 Rs. Discount on Instant Cash 
8,000 Rs. Discount on Finance 
1,00,000 Rs.  through Lucky Draw
50,000 Rs. to One Person 
25,000 Rs. Cash Gift to One Person

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TVS Dashain-Tihar-Chhat Discount Offer 2078

The next one we have is TVS. Like every year, this year TVS has come up with a great festive discount on TVS bikes and scooters. The Dashain-Tihar-Chhat offer TVS is as “TVS Chha Prize ko Surprise”. This means you can win six different prizes six times.

TVS Dashain Tihar Offers in Bike and Scooter 2078
Image: TVS Dashain TIhar Chhat Offer 2078

Definitely, TVS is popular for its performance. NTORQ from TVS is one of the most-selling scooters in Nepal now. You can get a great offer on NTORQ or your favorite Apache with the TVS Dashain discount this year. The discount is valid for other models as well.

Before purchase Up to Rs.1,00,000 
After purchase  Up to Rs.10,000,000 
Everyday RealMe Smartphone 
100% Cashback every week through lucky draw 
Apache RR310 through lucky draw every month 
Bumper Gift Proton Saga Car 

Yamaha Dashain Tihar Offer in Bike and Scooter 2078

This year Yamaha has brought “Race For The Ace” for its Yamaha Dashain Tihar Offer. Every year Yamaha does various exchange offer expos as well. The Yamaha Dashain discount 2078 has incentives and other incentives for the customers.

Moreover, the Dashain and Tihar offers in bike and scooter 2078 have more surprises for you. Yamaha Nepal has issued the Race For The Ace scheme for this Dashain and Tihar festival. Here is what the offer can get you:

Instant cash discount from Rs.8,000 to Rs.1,00,000
Chance to win a 4 Tola Golden ace every week
A chance to win a Bumper Ace prize of a set of 3 Golden Aces, 4 Tolas each

Dashain Tihar Discount Offers in Bike and Scooter Yadea

For this festive year, Yadea Nepal has brought the Dashain Tihar Festival Offer as “Dhamaka Dashain Offer”. The offer has a great value discount for the customers.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 241338870_214753780680609_3162837111910008502_n-1024x1024.jpg
Image: Dashai Tihar Offer 2078 Yadea

Yadea sells some of the best electric bikes and scooters in Nepal. The benefits of electric scooters over petrol scooters have increased the popularity of electric scooters in Nepal.

The Yadea Scooter Dashain Discount has:

Flat Rs. 25000/- Off
Food Voucher worth Rs. 2000
2 Helmets Free
Easy 0% EMI Financing
Easy Exchange
Fiscal Year Road Tax

Honda Dashain Tihar Offers in Bike and Scooter 2078

Now, we have Honda on our list. Definitely, Honda is one of the most selling bikes and scooters in Nepal. Dio and Honda Shine are some of the most loved scooters and motorbikes in Nepal. And, every year Honda comes with Dashain Tihar Offers in Bike and Scooter 2078 for its customers.

Honda Dashain TIhar Offer 2078
Image: Honda Dashain TIhar Offer 2078

This year, Honda has come up with “Honda Chha Saath” Dashain Tihar Offer 2078. This offer is an amazing inclusive festive scheme for people from all 7 Provinces of Nepal. At every purchase of any Honda motorcycle or scooter, here’s what the offer has in store for you:

7 winners from 7 Provinces will get a Cash Prize of Rs. 1 Lakh each, through a lucky draw
1 lucky winner from all over Nepal gets a cash prize of a staggering Rs. 15 Lakhs, through a lucky draw
 A chance to win a cashback of up to Rs. 1 Lakh with a scratch coupon, on your Honda purchase
 7 Years of Bonus Servicing (+9 servicings) & 7% OFF on Spare Parts for 7 Years
 A chance to bring home Honda at Re.1 Down Payment or Re.1 EMI or 1% Interest Rate

Dashain Tihar Offer 2078 Vespa and Aprilia

With the arrival of Festive Season, Vespa and Aprilia have brought together an offer as “Yespaliko Chaad Vespa Ra Aprilia Ko Saath”. Being a European brand, Vespa and Aprilia have a separate fan base in Nepal. People choose Vespa for its classic vintage design that makes it stand out from other scooters.

Vespa Aprilia Dashain Tihar Offer 2078
Image: Vespa Aprilia Dashain Tihar Offer

The offer has weekly prizes, free accessories, and a bumper prize of Vespa SXL 125. Moreover, there are other incentives such as cash discounts and exchange offers.

Weekly prize – One Plus Nord 2 (Phone)
Cash Discount up to Rs.100,000/-
Bumper Prize – Vespa SXL 125 0% Interest on Financing
Free Accessories Rs.10,000/- extra Valuation on exchange

So, these are the Dashain Tihar Offers in Bike and Scooter 2078 for this festive season. If you are planning to buy one for you or your loved ones, this may be the right time. As of now, you will get more discounts and offers more than ever.

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