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COVID-19 Lab Leak Theory – Mystery or Mastery

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Today covid-19 has hit the world badly. Well, it has been over 1 year 5 months since the world is living under the covid-19 pandemic. But we are not clear that from where and how the covid-19 has started. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the trending controversy in the world that is from where coronavirus started. Yes, we are going to talk about the COVID-19 lab leak theory.

Before we begin…

As we know, the world is suffering from a pandemic. Nepal is also facing and struggling through the second wave of the pandemic. At present, Nepal is under nationwide lockdown to break the chain of coronavirus spread. But, the truth about how COVID-19 started is still unexplored and unknown. Thus, let’s talk about the covid-19 lab leak theory, a theory related to the coronavirus origin.

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What is COVID-19 Lab Leak Theory? – Introduction

Why has the COVID-19 Lab Leak Theory Come Up Again?

What is Gain of Function Research?

Zoonotic Theory – Another Theory Behind COVID-19 Origin

Why Does COVID-19 Lab Leak Theory Research Matter?

What is COVID-19 Lab Leak Theory? – Introduction

Firstly, the origin of Coronavirus is unclear. In a word, it is a controversial discussion running all over the world. China has claimed that coronavirus had started when a man consumed COVID-19 infected bat. However, COVID-19 lab theory is not ready to accept this statement by China.

Moreover, this theory suspects that Coronavirus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China. In fact, this theory developed when the former President of The United States of America, Donald Trump claimed China has leaked the coronavirus. In addition, some also stated that China developed Coronavirus as a biological weapon.

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Why has the COVID-19 Lab Leak Theory Come Up Again?

Generally speaking, some people, media, and politics put away this theory as conspiracy theories before, and some claimed this as truth. Now, the COVID-19 lab leak theory has come up again and is now hitting the world. For the most part, this theory has come up again when Joe Biden, the president of the USA, ordered scientists to start the second phase investigation for the COVID-19 origins.

A few weeks ago, USA Intelligence claimed a hint of the virus’s origin. 3 researchers working at the Wuhan Lab were treated for the illness that had the same symptoms as Coronavirus’s November 2019 that was one month before the virus spread all over the world.

World Health Organization (WHO) appointed some scientists for investigating the origin of Coronavirus. Their investigation concluded that the virus has started from Zoonotic Transmission from the bat which meant “the lab leak theory is unlikely”. However, the Director-General of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, stated that there were still questions that will require further studies.

Anthony Stephen Fauci, an American Physician-Scientist and Immunologist at the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and the Chief Medical Advisor have different views on that. He claims that it does not convince him that the virus occurs naturally.

Gain of Function Research

COVID-19 lab leak theory assumptions provide us with some evidence that makes people think about this theory. Gain of function is the research that studies the changes in microorganisms. Scientists put microorganisms into artificial culture systems for the study of microorganism mutations.

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In this research, scientists try to manipulate the genome of these microorganisms to study the upcoming human infectious virus, virus transmissibility, and developing a vaccine against these viruses. Moreover, this research is not new in the world and is termed as one of the risky research.

As well as that, laboratory accidents are not new. In the past, there occurred many accidents from this type of research. According to some reports, scientists have claimed that coronavirus was leaked accidentally from the Wuhan laboratory on the process of Gain of Function research.

Worlds Take on Gain of Function Research

Nicholas Wade stated that the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) has been funding Wuhan lab on the gain of function research. However, Dr. Fauci has denied this statement regarding funding on Gain of Function research.

Now, the world is demanding further investigation on the Coronavirus’ origin. The US has claimed that China has neither shown transparency on the data nor given access to the lab properly to the investigators and scientists for investigation on the COVID-19 origin.

However, the researches and investigations are ongoing for the COVID-19 origin. We are hopeful, this investigation will sure help us know about the COVID-19 origin.

Zoonotic Theory – Another Theory Behind COVID-19 Origin

China claims that the origin of Coronavirus is from Zoonotic theory. According to this theory, China is passing the statement to the world that the coronavirus has started from the bat. It started when a person consumed a bat infected from coronavirus.

China is against the lab leak theory. It is claiming that the US is blaming China for political reasons. China says that the United States of America does not care about the facts or truth. The US has zero interest in the scientific study of origins.

World Health Organization accepted the statement from China and dismissed the Lab leak theory. However, this lab leak theory has come up again these days making people think about it. In addition, China states the USA is manipulating the world against China and is spreading lies and rumors on media.

Why Does COVID-19 Lab Leak Theory Research Matter?

It is true, without results from the research and investigation, we cannot accept one side of these stories. We cannot rely on and go with one theory that is lab leak theory and Zoonotic theory without findings. The upcoming results will surely show us the true story of Coronavirus’ origin.

The world is under the covid-19 pandemic. By the same token, there are over 170 million cases and over 3.5 million deaths from the Coronavirus till now. Thus, the truth about the coronavirus origin is definitely, a matter of importance.

This result will help the world prevent from pandemic happening again. If research proves that the virus is transmitted from the animals, it can affect the thinking and interest of the world for agriculture, wildlife study, and animal study.

On the other hand, if lab leak theory goes right, the view of the world towards China may also change. Not to forget, China is already criticized for un-transparency and hiding the data for the investigation.

Thus, for the world’s sake, the truth must come out soon. All things considered, Joe Biden, President of USA has ordered to re-investigate the COVID-19 origin and get the results within 90 days.

On the End Note…

The pandemic of COVID-19 was an unexpected misfortune of this century. Not just a country, not just a continent, it has affected the whole world. Sadly, many people had to face the tragedy of their loved one’s demise. Many families lost their their beloved ones. So many people lost their lives.

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Not only that but also, the pandemic has affected our everyday. Although we survived the pandemic, what about the financial crisis, national economy? Many people have lost their jobs, business are shut down. Still many countries are way far from being back to their normal lives.

Therefore, we deserve the truth. The world deserves the truth.

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