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Constructions using Marble and Granite

Written by Amar Chhantyal · 1 min read >

Making a house strong is a very important aspect while constructing a house. But while looking at the strength of a house one should never forget about decorating it as well. What color to use? How many to make such that you get the most out of land and satisfy the family need? Finally what kind of marble or granite to use for flooring interior and sometimes lawn. So in this article, we are gonna tell you about some of the Marble and Granite suppliers in Nepal you might want to contact.

What are Granite and Marble

Marble used in construction is a stone composed of calcite, dolomite or serpentine that is capable of taking a polish. They are usually light-colored but the color can change when impurities are with the stone. It is used as a decorative material for homes and buildings. It can be used on floors, walls, roofs and other types of surfaces. Some advantages of using marble are:

  • It acts as a protective layer from different kinds of staining material as it is easier to wipe marble and cement wall.
  • The waterproof nature of marble makes them essential for rooms like kitchens, bathrooms or restrooms where water is used in every activity.
  • Depending on the color white marble color can have a cooling effect because of its poor heat conduction.
  • Marble is smooth and shiny material, which can be easily cleaned and washed.
  • The easy to clean property makes it easier to maintain and helps house its attractive look.

Granite is a hard igneous rock consisting chiefly of quartz, orthoclase or Microline and mica. Granite is popular for flooring and wall dado due to its hardness and quality, ability to take a good polish and wide variety of colors available in it. Some advantages of using Granite are:

  • Granite are durable and will not scratch, chip or break for decades of use in the house.
  • It is very easy to clean, even dish shops and soft cloth can get the surface clean.
  • High resistance to stains, heat and moisture makes it very popular as a kitchen counter.
  • Variety in color helps people decorate the kitchen in their own view.

Location and contact info

NameOpen timeContact infoLocation
Bijen Suppliers7 am – 6 pm (Sun-Mon)061536122Newroad Pokhara
Nepal Marble and Tile Suppliers7 am – 7 pm (Sun-Sat)9856029218Simalchour Pokhara
RK. Marbles7 am – 8 pm (Sun-Sat)061525812Newroad Pokhara
Syangjali Marble10 am – 6 pm (Sun-Sat)061535805Phewa Marga Pokhara
रवि निर्माण सामग्री बिक्री केन्द्र7 am – 8 pm (Sun-Sat)
7 am – 1 pm (Sat)
9855068229Milan chowk Bharatpur


Marble and Granite are the most popular choices when it comes to natural stone countertops. Marble is great if you are searching for elegance in appearance, while Granite gives out a more natural look. Using Marble and Granite as flooring might become a bit costly but the end result will speak for itself.

Along with Granite a for good looking comfortable house you need a strong door with safe locking system, a water heating system, paint that’s attractive, etc. To know more about the cost of building a house, legal procedures you might be required to follow and other similar topics stay updated in jointread.