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Cheap and affordable electric scooter

Written by Prakriti Panthi · 1 min read >

With the rising price of petrol, electric vehicles are becoming popular. Though both petrol scooter and electric scooter might seem similar, the electric scooter will give the same mileage as one liter in petrol scooter at 15% of the cost. In addition to this electric scooters are eco-friendly. Here we are gonna talk about some cheap and affordable electric scooters.

TAILG Electric Scooter

Tailg Tiger
Image: Tailg Tiger

Tailg sccoter was launched by the YOMAMA E. Motors Pvt. Ltd., the authorized distributor for TAILG e-scooter in Nepal. This scooter has a 2.5 KW motor with a 2.3 KW/hr battery. When it’s fully charged it can travel up to 95km. It has a key less start with disk break, LED light, tubeless tire, anti theft alarm, 5 step suspension, fast charging port, big under seat space, etc. If you are looking for Cheap and affordable electric scooter try this scooter and its selling price range lies with in 2 lakhs.

Moka M20 e-scooter

Moka m20
Image: Moka m20

Moka M20 has been installed with 60V 32 ampere battery. The company has claimed that battery after full charge can run 80Km. And it takes 5 to 6 hr to fully charge. M20 has features like LED light, remote key control, Digital display, anti-theft alarm, double disk break, etc. The scooter is priced at 1.85 lakh making it one fo the Cheap and affordable electric scooters for people who don’t want to spend too much money.

Super soco CU Mini

Super soco min
Image: Super soco mini

CU mini is Super Soco’s cheaper scooter. This scooter got a 900 W power motor. This scooter’s Lithium-ino battery is of 40V 20 Ampere and can take up to 5hrs to fully charge. When fully charged it can run 60 Km at a top speed of 45km/hr. The scooter is priced at 1.79 lakh.

Luyan Mnk 3

Image: MNK 3

Luyam MNK 3 has a 1.5w motor which has a 72V 32 amperes 2.16 KW capable battery. The battery can be fully charged in 3 hrs and can run up to 85 km. With features like flat run tire, ain’t theft alarm, child lock, backrest digital meter, led taillamp, range and speed detector. You can acquire this scooter at 1.74 lakh.

Opai YW-03 electric scooter

Opai YW-03
Image: Opai YW-03

YW-03 electric scooter from opai has pick power of 3000W and rated power of 1500W. It has a battery of 60V-72V with 30 Ampere which takes up to 6 hrs to get fully charged. After being fully charged it can run up to 70-80 KM. With lithium-ion version, it can run increase its range from 80 KM to 120KM. YW-03 has a top speed of 50KM/hr and has features like disk brake, LED light, digital instrument, etc. If you choose one with a Lithium-ion battery it can cost up to 2.24 lakh and if you choose an LID acid battery cost can come down to about 1.49 lakh.

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