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Best chairs for office workers

Written by Amar Chhantyal · 1 min read >

Office work includes a lot of sitting and filing documents physically or digitally on a computer. And if chairs don’t comfortable office hours might give you stress and mental fatigue and bad posture can give you back pains, neck pains, etc. Here in this article, we will give the best chair for office workers.

To begin with

Though sitting in the wrong chair may not sound like a problem but if kept up for long hours and on a daily basis it can accumulate and slowly affect the body resulting in poor blood circulation, decreased concentration, increased fatigue, back/neck/shoulder pain, digestive problems, etc.

List of office chairs for office workers

Net revolving chair with headrest

It has a steel base and is flexible and adjustable to give the sitters the comfort they want. Neck and back support along with fixed arms help workers have comfortable sitting for long hours.

Net revolving chair medium back

Like the chair above it has a similar steel base with adjustable height and fixed arms but with the addition of adjustable back support as well. The seat itself has a lavish finish with two layers of comforting foam and a Rubberized region for comfortable seating.

Office Revolving Recliner Chair

This is a recliner chair with a steel rod base and adjustable height. The sitting is made up of high-quality foam and Regine.

Along with chair office workers some chairs for a client that might visit for different situations. Here are some cheap options as unlike it won’t be used by the same client for long hours on daily basis.

NamePrice (NRS)
Black metal Nepali iron stool1250
Red metal Chinese stool1250
Back stool 1299
Nepal made stool with cushion seating and backrest1867
Folding aluminum chair with sturdy legs2473

In the end

Though the correct chair may seem like a low priority but with the passage of time the effect can be seen in office workers. Workers who have to deal with a variety of pain in the back, neck and shoulder would be less productive than the worker who doesn’t have to deal with them. Workers can avoid those back pain by doing yoga on a daily basis or relaxing with help of yoga every day.