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Can You Import Bikes or Cars from Abroad to Nepal?

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Import is to bring goods from other countries to own country. Nepal is a landlocked country. Thus, most of Nepal’s international trade takes place via transit in India. Importers mostly route Nepali cargo through Indian ports at Haldia and Kolkata in West Bengal. But since 2016 Vishakhapatnam Port in Andhra Pradesh is also being used in Nepal-bound freight. Today in this article you will get to know, Can You Import Bikes or Cars from Abroad to Nepal?

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Before We Begin

As customs duty and excise duty of the vehicle is very high in Nepal. There is more than 240% import tax liable when we import vehicles in Nepal. Thus, vehicles are very expensive in Nepal. We all have a query buzzing in our mind that “can I import vehicles from abroad to Nepal?” Yes, today we are talking about this in this article.

In Nepal, there are 30 customs offices. On the inland route, there are 9 in the Northern borders, 20 on the border with India, and one in the air route i.e. Tribhuvan International Airport Customs Office in Kathmandu. Goods are transshipped through railways or roadways to Nepal’s border customs from the respective ports. Moreover, Importers can also use airfreight to import their goods to Nepal via Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu.

All firms/companies/industries should be registered in the specified institution for the importation of the goods for commercial or other purposes. Now, let’s know some rules and regulations regarding importing vehicles in Nepal.

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Can You Import Personally Used Vehicles from Abroad to Nepal?

Can You Import Bikes or Cars from Abroad to Nepal?
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If you are a Nepalese citizen returning after completing tenure who has worked in the Nepalese diplomatic mission abroad, then you are allowed to import personally used vehicles with the permission of the Ministry of Environment, Science, and Technology. But, the Nepal government doesn’t allow other Nepalese citizens to import personally used vehicles in Nepal.

Moreover, the employee of a foreign diplomatic mission located in Nepal also can bring the personally used Vehicle to Nepal. He/She can bring it on the recommendation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But those vehicles should be should return back letter on.

Conditions Relating to Import Vehicles in Nepal from Abroad

As per the customs department of Nepal, If you are willing to import vehicles from abroad to Nepal then you must fulfill the following conditions.

The vehicle you are going to import should be brand new. Because personally used vehicles are not permitted to import unless you worked in the Nepalese and Foreign diplomatic mission.
Those vehicles should be in accordance with the Nepal Vehicle Mass Emission Standard, 2069(2012).
The authorized seller in Nepal of the vehicle exporting company only can import the vehicle in Nepal. Thus, without being an authorized seller of the vehicle brand the Nepal government doesn’t permit to import of vehicles in Nepal.

Therefore, I hope you have got the answer to your question “Can You Import Bikes or Cars from Abroad to Nepal?” You cannot import vehicles from abroad to Nepal unless you are an authorized seller of the vehicle brand in Nepal.

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In The End

If you are planning to import a vehicle from abroad then, An authorized seller can import vehicles for you. After completing various procedures and fulfilling conditions and documents an authorized seller will import vehicles in Nepal for you.

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