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Best Souvenirs from Nepal

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We all love imported gift items. And that one gift that our family or friend brought us from abroad is really special for us. Trust me, this is human nature that a place, a song, a gift, or even a scent bring back so many memories. So, whenever we are on tour, we always want to buy a thing that will remind us of the place and all the memories of the travel. Here, in this article, we have selected the best souvenirs from Nepal that you can gift to your friends abroad. Or, if you are a traveler yourself, you can get these best souvenirs from Nepal and keep them as a memory of your wonderful visit to Nepal.

Nepal is a country full of mountains, hills, and natural resources. Moreover, Nepal is rich in culture and tradition. The warm hospitality of Nepal will amaze you. Visiting Nepal once is never enough.

Naturally Nepal ! “Once is never enough”

Each place you visit in Nepal will get you different Souvenirs. Because every place has its own identity, culture, beliefs, and tradition. You can easily get souvenirs from the local market you visit in Nepal. In fact, Nepal is one of the best destinations for gifts items and souvenirs.

Souvenirs are the things that will recreate your memory in the future. Moreover, Souvenirs need to be special and unique that can easily express your feelings for the person you gifted. Thus, we are listing the best Souvenirs from Nepal in this article.

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List of Best Souvenirs from Nepal

Nepal has various gifts and souvenirs to offer you every different destination/tourist place you visit. These souvenirs will attach you to Nepal for the rest of your life. Moreover, these souvenirs will never fail to impress your friend, relatives, or family member you gifted. These below are the best souvenirs from Nepal that you should not miss when you visit Nepal.

Khukuri – The Best Nepalese Gift for your Freinds Abroad

One of the best souvenirs from Nepal is Khukuri- The Pride of Nepal. Khukuri is the pride of Nepal. It is strongly connected with the history of Nepal. In the past, Khukuri was one of the most important weapons for Nepal. It can be one of the best souvenirs for you from Nepal. It represents the symbol of strength, honor, justice, human dignity, and freedom for Nepal.

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You can get different types of Khukuris as gifts. The special packaging makes it even more connected to the history and culture of Nepal. Definitely, Khukuri is one of the best gifts you can give to your friends or buy for yourself as a souvenir.

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Handicrafts – The Specially Crafted Gift Items

Nepalese handicrafts are another best souvenir from Nepal. These are decorative domestic or other objects made by hand. Handicrafts represent the culture and tradition of the place. Nepalese handicrafts represent and promote the history of Nepal.

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Nepalese people make handicrafts from different materials such as metals, wood, plastics, paper, Husks, and wood. Handicrafts include bags, statues, decorative items, or others. You can gift these beautiful handicrafts to your friends, relatives, or family.

Gems and Jewelries from Nepal

The next best souvenirs on our list are gems or fancy jewelries. The precious or semi-precious stone, from the mountains and hills of Nepal and beautifully designed jewelry from Nepal, can be great souvenirs for you. This attractive jewelry with a unique design made from gold, silver, and other metals will definitely enhance your beauty.

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Nepalese ethnic groups Newar and Sunar are engaged in the jewelry business in Nepal. The jewelry with precious gems/stones of Nepal is attractive and popular too. Likewise, these gems and precious stones also have significant importance and are known for positive energy. Definitely, buying a gemstone or jewelry for your loved ones will create a sweet memory.

Paintings – Classy Gift from Nepal

The Nepalese paintings also can be the best option for you as Souvenirs from Nepal. Thangkas and Mithila paintings are famous ones in Nepal. Talking about the Thangkas, Thangkas are Buddhist paintings usually drawn on clothes made of cotton, silk, or even human skins. Thangkas are very important aspects of religious cultures and traditions.

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These Thangkas for famous for their design and high painting skills. And Mithila painting from Janakpur also is best souvenirs from Nepal. Also, you can get beautiful paintings of the scenic views of the hills and mountains of Nepal. Buying someone a painting as a present is a classy way as well as memorable too. Likewise, you can get one for yourself and decorate your house or offices with Nepalese souvenirs.

Pashmina – The Nepalese Shawl as a Gift

Pashmina from Nepal is not only famous in Nepal but all over the world. It is of very high-quality wool and fabric that makes it one of the best items to buy in Nepal. Also, Pashmina is one of the top export products from Nepal. It is produced from some of the finest wool derived from the inner coats of the Himalayan goat, Chyangra (or Carpa Hircus). The major Pashmina products are shawls, sweaters, scarves, or blankets.

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These Nepalese Pashminas will recreate your memory from Nepal from its warmth and smoothness. As you can use it every day, this can be a very useful gift as well. You can get one of yourself too for chilling winters.

Pure Nepalese Tea as a Gift from Nepal

Tea from Nepal is one of the best ways to start your morning. Nepalese tea has its unique taste and great health benefits too. High altitude teas from Nepal have more flavor and taste. These green organic tea grown in high altitudes is regarded as the best green teas in the world.

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In fact, tea is also one of the most exported products from Nepal. A packet of pure Nepalese tea is one of the best gifts from Nepal for your loved ones abroad. So, you can also choose tea for your souvenirs from Nepal.

Nepalese Spices as a Souvenir from Nepal

Nepalese spices are best for boosting your immunity. Moreover, these spices will add Nepalese flavor to your food. For those who miss Nepalese food, spices can be one of the best gifts. You can easily get these spices in powdered form from the local market. Timur, Large cardamom, Himalayan pepper, chilies, turmeric, ginger, and other spices are famous and most used spices in Nepalese cuisine.

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Its unique taste and flavor will definitely remind you of the taste of Nepal. Thus, these spices can be also the best souvenirs for you.

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Singing Bowls as a Gift from Nepal

Singing bowls are one of the best materials that will help you in meditation and relaxation. Its vibrations and sound will make you calm and relax. This bowl makes a sound when you hit it with the mallet. You can get one for yourself or your friends and families. This gift is one of the special gifts from Nepal you can give to someone.

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But you need to be careful while choosing the bowl, the more quality the bowl has, the best sound and vibrations it produces. Thus it is better to buy it from the Stupas, where you will get the best quality singing bowls.

Decorative Handmade Papers

The next best souvenirs from Nepal are Paper items. While Paper Items that are comprised of Lokta or rice are very popular and attractive too. These paper items are popular for decorations. These paper items are durable and insects resistant. While Rice paper is made handmade paper from rice husk and Lokta paper is made from Lokta. These papers are often used as a base of a painting or a manuscript.

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These paper products include lamp sets, notebooks, photo albums, letter sets, journals, envelopes, gift wrappers, shopping bags, calendars, and Nepalese sheet papers. These paper items can be the best souvenirs from Nepal for you to bring back home.

Statues and Masks

Statues and masks resemble Nepalese culture and tradition. People use materials like brass, bronze, clay, and even other such products for making these masks and statues. They are a great showpiece to decorate your house. These statues and masks have designs of Hindu gods, goddesses, and Buddhism.

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Hemp Products

Hemp products from Nepal also can be the best souvenirs for you. Its products such as clothes, blankets, bags, hats, shoes, belts, and other products are strong and durable. Hemp products are widely available to purchase around local markets at Pokhara and Kathmandu.

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These wearable hemp products are one of the best gifts for anyone. The hemp fabric is of good quality. Most importantly, it is a gift that will remind your or your loved ones of Nepal and its people.

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Felt Products

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Felt is a kind of cloth made by rolling and pressing wool or another suitable textile. It is accompanied by the application of moisture or heat, which causes the constituent fibers to meet together to create a smooth surface. You can use felt products like handmade felt decoration, handmade felt balls, decorative slippers, felt mats for decoration. Moreover, you can also gift them to your loved ones.


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Handwoven carpets are one of the top export products of Nepal. Carpets from Nepal are exported to over 40 countries in the world. Germany, The USA, Belgium, Britain, Turkey, Switzerland, Japan, Spain, Canada, and Italy are the leading carpet export markets of Nepal.  Hand-knotted woolen Nepalese carpets are comprised of high-quality fleece wool imported from Tibet, New Zealand, and Britain.

Nepalese hand-woven carpets or Tibetan rugs are of various sizes, textures, color combinations, resiliency, strength, and durability. You can gift or use these souvenirs for decoration of your house.

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Nepal Dhaka

Another best souvenir you can choose is Dhaka. Dhaka (originally called Thaka) is the traditional handmade fabric of ancient Nepali people. It is a kind of pattern that is handmade and gaining popularity in all cultures and around the world. Dhaka fabric has products like Dhaka Topi, Dhaka Mekhli, Dhaka Shawl, Dhaka Scarves, and Dhaka Sari.

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Among these Dhaka products, Nepali Dhaka Topi is a popular one. You can enjoy wearing this traditional Nepali cap or gifts them to your beloved ones.

Once you visit Nepal, you will not return empty-handed. Along with all the memories, you will also get beautiful souvenirs and gift items that will remind you of your travel. Nepal will offer you attractive souvenirs. Nepal souvenirs will connect you to the history, culture, traditions, hospitality, and beliefs. Moreover, it will also recreate your memory in Nepal for the rest of your life.

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