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Best Smart Door Lock Systems you can Buy in Nepal

Written by Amar Chhantyal · 4 min read >

As the world has made advancements in technology, technology has branched out embedded into the daily lives of the common people. with the help of the advancement of technology, not only transportation or communication but the security of our home has also grown.

The smart door locking system has been with us for quite some time but they were expensive and high-end places were using them. But as time passes on the price of smart locks has been decreasing making them available to a lot more consumers. So, today in this article were are going to talk about the best smart door lock systems you can buy in Nepal.

1.   Omni smart electronic door lock

Omni is a well-known company in a variety of countries, and this product is sold in a variety of electronic stores throughout Nepal. It is not well-known in Nepal, but its popularity is growing by the day. And this product is well-known for its design and functionality. It is the best value for money. Here are some specifications of this smart lock.

  • Up to 100 people can use the fingerprint sensor.
  • It has a pin lock with an old mechanical key as well as a touch keypad.
  • It also has Wi-Fi capabilities and can connect to Alexa and Google with ease.
  • It has its own application that can be used to control it.
  •  Low-battery warning: The low-battery alarm can be activated 50 times.
  • Support (2 pcs) for NFC cards
  • It also notifies users if someone tries to open the door with different codes or fingerprints.
  • It also has a camera that records when people come into the room or the house.
  • Other Omni Smart Home Products can be integrated.
  • Backup power port for the doorbell

2.   Hikvision DS-KIS602 Complete IP Video Intercom Bundle with Surface DS-KD8003-IME1, DS-KH6320-WTE1, PoE Switch, and SD Card – Smart Door Lock Systems

Hikvision’s DS-KIS602 IP video intercom package includes a surface-mounted DS-KD8003-IME1 outdoor station, a DS-KH6320-WTE1 indoor monitor, and a 4-port PoE switch, and a 16GB microSD card.  It is also a kit that includes a screen for watching videos, a door lock system, and other accessories. It has a 720-pixel camera that records video and has a 16 GB internal storage capacity. It also has a video display that shows live action. 

  • Surface x1 DS-KD8003-IME (Door Station)
  • DS-KH6320-WTE1 x1 (Indoor Station)
  • x1 standard PoE switch with 4 ports
  • 16GB TF card
  • CAT-6 Coaxial Cable
  • It’s simple to install and set up.

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3.   Wireless Battery-Operated Door Lock – Smart Door Lock Systems

  • With a non-contact ID card, a card-swiping motor lock can be installed without the need for wiring.
  • Since it is wireless, installation is hassle-free.
  • Design with low power consumption.
  • Four “AA” dry cell batteries are used, which can last up to a year.
  • Card swiping from the inside and outside is supported by dual card swiping heads.
  • Remote locking and unlocking with wireless remote control.
  • Unlocking the door with a card swipe instead of a key.
  • Single-cylinder engine
  • Finishing with nickel plating
  • Lock Dimensions: 130X100X44mm (Not including knob)

4.   ZKTeco Video Door Phone-VDPO2 Outdoor Video Door Phone System,4.3 Inch Indoor Video Door Phone System & Lock for Door or Metal Gate Complete Set – Smart Door Lock Systems

ZKTeco is an American company that specializes in lock systems. The ZKTeco is not only a single item; it is also a kit that includes a screen for watching videos, a door lock system, and other accessories. It has a 720-pixel camera that records video and 16 GB of internal storage. It also includes a video display that shows real-time action. It also includes a bell system and a voice connecter system.

  • Outdoor Video Door Phone System | Metal Alloy 
  • 1/4-inch CMOS color sensor, 700TVL | DC5 support lock
  • Electric lock with a voltage of 24V and a current of less than 4A.s
  • Waterproof to IP44
  • Indoor Video Door Phone System, 4.3 Inch |
  • 4 strands of wire (power, video, audio, grounding) 
  • 60m (RVV4x0.5) and 100m (RVV3*0.5+SYV75-3) distance coverage | extension: 2 • line indoor video Door phone

• Metal gate or door lock

5.   ZKTeco Right Inward Open (LH3000)

The Hotel Lock System is an American standard mortise lock with five latches and a silver-colored stainless-steel housing. It is primarily used in hotels, where it is opened with a card. The card has a unique code or barcode that can only be read by this lock system

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Customer-friendly
  • Low budget
  • Best Attraction

6.   Eseye Biometric Fingerprint Keyless Entry Alexa for Home App Finger Smart Digital Lock Remote Control Tatlock Door Lock

  • Brand: Eseye
  • Black in color.
  • Supports a total of 100 users per lock.
  • Zinc Alloy is the material of choice.
  • Home, Office, and Apartments
  • 4 AA batteries are required.
  • More than a year of battery life

Fingerprint, Card, Code, and Mechanical Key are all terms that can be used to describe a key.

7.   Anti-Thief Security Alarm Lock for Home and 2 Wheelers

An anti-theft alarm is a basic smart lock that is primarily designed for two-wheelers and standard doors. It works in the same way as a regular key lock, but when someone tries to open it with a different key or under extreme pressure, it emits a loud alarm sound.

  • Very Simple to Use
  • Save Your Automobile
  • For home, office, and two-wheeler security, a security alarm system with a loud tone is recommended.
  • Genuine Corrosion Resistant, Waterproof, and Long-Lasting Product
  • Six Button Batteries are used to power this device.
  • Three keys are included, making it easy to use.
  • Lock + Alarm (Dual Function)
  • Alarm lock with low power consumption.

8.   Smart Door Lock with Camera and LCD Display

It has a high-security facial recognition system that cannot be unlocked with a photo or video. Wi-Fi enabled app for remote unlocking. When the doorbell is pressed, a photo of the visitor appears in the notification, which can be used to unlock the door remotely using the app. Anti-stress alarm. Each lock and unlock is notified. With the option of using an SD card, an LCD display can be used to see visitors. Long-lasting 5000 mah battery with hidden emergency charging port. To unlock, use the hidden manual key option. Fingerprint unlocking time is 0.4 seconds.

  • 360-degree fingerprint sensor/up to 100 fingerprints can be stored in the lock. Two RFID cards are provided. This lock can register up to 100 RFID cards; the RFID cards are specifically designed for this lock’s security.
  • PIN Option – This lock allows you to store up to 100 PINs and the Touch Keypad is very easy to use. Auto-locking system – When the door is closed, the lock will automatically lock, eliminating the need for manual locking. Low Battery Indication – When the battery is low, the lock will display a warning on the mobile app screen.
  • External power port – If the lock’s battery is completely depleted, you can power it with any standard power bank. Past Unlocking Records – In your mobile app, you can check your past unlocking records.
  • Adjustable spy code – In the presence of strangers, you can use random numbers before or after the original pin to protect your original PIN.

Security is the essential part when it comes to building a home. Similar to having a safe lock the material used to make the doors and windows. Here are some best UPVC doors and windows companies in Nepal.