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Best Nepali Clothing Brands

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Best Nepali Clothing Brands

Hello readers, hope you are doing well. Clothes are items or fabric, usually sewn together to cover part of the human body. Moreover, clothes are also worn for fashion, style, and decoration. For the people with a passion for fashion in Nepal, there are many national and international clothing brands. But for today, here, we are going to discuss the best Nepali clothing brands.

Before we begin

Clothing can insulate against cold or hot conditions. Moreover, it can provide a hygienic barrier, keeping infectious and toxic materials away from the body. In addition, Clothing also provides protection from ultraviolet radiation. Or clothes can be also the best gift or souvenirs for your beloved ones. These Nepali clothing brands will definitely satisfy you in terms of fashion, style, quality, and cost. Not only clothes, also, there are the best Nepal-made shoes brands that you can trust for quality and fashion.

Here below is the list of Best Nepali Clothing Brands

What you wear, defines you. Yes, clothes define your personality and attitude. Your clothes tell others about you. Thus, the right fashion and clothing reflect your character. To give you a perfect combination of fashion, style, and quality today we have come up with the best Nepali clothing brands. . Now, without delay, let’s move on to the list.

Kiroz Fashion – Nepali Clothing Brand

Best Nepali Clothing Brands
Image Source: Kiroz

Kiroz Fashion specializes in the online retailing of men’s and women’s garments and accessories. It is an online shopping website, head office in Sallahghari, Bhaktapur. Kiroz Fashion ensures your full satisfaction from the product you buy.

It serves you with a vast collection of daily fashion accessories such as T-shirts, Kurta, wind-cheater, watches, sunglasses, and many more. From your computer screen, choose the items you love to have and call them. They will have your preferred item delivered to your doorstep with no delivery charge added. It is one of the best examples of an online shopping experience.

Address: Sallaghari, Bhaktapur, Nepal
Phone: 01-4255984 | 01-6620029

Fibro – A Clothing Brand Made in Nepal

Best Nepali Clothing Brands
Image Source: Fibro

Fibro is located in Kathmandu. It offers apparel that promises comfort, class, and style—at a reasonable price. They were established to fill the void in the market for customers who had to juggle between cost and quality.

Fibro intends to broaden its niche and venture into some of the least explored avenues in the Nepali apparel industry with the introduction of its new verticals. Besides catering to simple fashion needs, Fibro’s new products and services shall strive to revolutionize the apparel industry in the country.

Fibro offers a variety of garments such as summer jackets, pullovers, bomber jackets, polo t-shirts, feather-down half jackets (lightweight), feather-down jackets, summer cotton shirts, sweatshirts, and many more. You can buy Fibro clothes online or you can contact:

Address: Ghattekulo, Kathmandu
Sales Support: +977-9848769889 Finance & Logistics: +977-9803559469

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Phalano Luga – From Nepal

Best Nepali Clothing Brands
Image Source: Phalanoluga

Another best Nepali clothing brand is Phalano Luga. Phalano Luga is a distinctly Nepali brand by the cartoonist Rajesh KC. Their products include quality 100% cotton, organic cotton, and cotton blend t-shirts. Since the opening of the first store in Sundhara in July 2013, they have created over 700 different designs ranging from creative drawings of the Nepali flag to witty catchphrases and colloquialisms.

Address: Sajha line, HariharBhavan, Pulchowk, Lalitpur 44700, NepalAddress: Shop #211, CTC Mall, Sundara, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
Phone: 977-1-4265581Website:
Website: www.phalano.comPhone: 977-1-5525676

Best Nepali Clothing Brand – HattiHatti Nepal

Best Nepali Clothing Brands
Image Source: Hattihatti

Hatti Hatti (Haa-T Haa-T) is a non-profit organization in Nepal. It supports women from marginalized communities. HattiHatti Nepal empowers these women by helping them to complete their primary education. Moreover, it also provides women new tailoring skills to become independent. It upcycles old, vintage, and unused saris into beautiful fashion products. Moreover, its product includes cushions, jeans pouches, headbands, scrunchies, scarves, and a lot more.

Address: Ekantakuna Road, Lalitpur 44600, Nepal
Phone: (+977) 981 313 3756 ,(+977) 985 120 8568

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Lakhey Nepal – Nepal’s Top Clothing Brand

Image Source: lakheyNepal

Another brand that comes on our list is LakheyNepal. Lakhey Nepal is a Nepali fashion brand that mainly works in the formal wear and streetwear fashion of the apparel industry. It mostly produces clothes targeting young women. Lakhey Nepal startup is in operation since2018. It was founded by Erina Shrestha a graduate of IEC College of Art & Fashion.

Recently, it has launched Babywear and men’s apparel too. All of the manufacturing and production works such as fabric making and pattern making are made in Nepal. Therefore, it is the perfect Nepali clothing brand. You can place your order via Instagram and the Facebook page of LakheyNepal. Moreover, It also has its store on the Ganeshman Singh Road, Kalimati.

Nepali Apparel – Bikram Sambat

Image Source: Bikramsambat

BIKRAM SAMBAT CLOTHING is Nepal’s First Authentic Denim/Jeans Brand. It is named after the oldest and historical calendar which is widely used in Nepalese culture. Bikram Sambat Clothing has been in operation since 2074 B.S.

It focuses on quality denim/Jeans products at an irresistible price. Bikram Sambat has products like tunic shirts, plain polo tee, and pants for all gender groups. You can purchase its products from its official website and Facebook pages. Moreover, It is also available on Daraz.

Address: Jhamsikhel Chowk, Pulchowk
Email: |
Phone: +977 9803678010

These are the best clothing brands in Nepal. You can choose these clothing brands from Nepal, as these clothes are perfect in cost and quality. Moreover, it will also reduce the cost of clothes import for Nepal. In addition, these national clothing brands will be promoted on a global level too.

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