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Best Furnishing for Your Living Room

Written by Amar Chhantyal · 2 min read >

A living room is a room in a house where people can gather to talk, read, or watch television with friends. So the living room should contain entertainment equipment for people in the house and guests when they visit. Here is a list of furnishing you can keep in your living room.

After a long day in school, work, or wherever you might have gone. Or when guests arrive for a long chat and catching up. You take yourself and your guests to the living room and help them destress by consuming various entertainment media and light snacks. You use it as commonplace so that they don’t roam around in your private room without your permission.

Living room entertainment equipment


Image: Television

The moment you think one of the equipment in the living room is a television. The main use of Television is to watch dramas, news, cartoons, song video, etc. and with additional equipment, they can be used to play games or watch movies that might not be running on any channel. Guest and family members gather together and watch a movie, spending quality family time together.

Cable box

Image: Cable box

even if you have a Television with a cable box or other addition it becomes pretty useless. Cable box broadcast cable channels provide your TV variety shows. As long as people use cable boxes they get multiple channel options and can watch those shows.

CD player/ DVD player

It is also an addition to the TV. This helps you play any dramas, movies, cartoons, etc as long as you have a CD containing it. This help people watch whatever they want without having to wait for it to come on a channel unlike on a cable box.

TV stand

Image: TV stand

According to the type of TV, one is thinking of buying they can choose what type of TV stand they might like. Some TV are fixed on the wall while other sit up on the table. But TV table use isn’t just to be a place to keep the TV, it used to keep all the addition the TV might be able to use like Cable box, CD player/ DVD player, Game console, Loudspeaker, etc. Some even have a place to keep CDs of movies, games, dramas, etc.


Image: Sofa

As the living room is the room where guests will spend the majority of their time resting places are needed. The most common place to sit sofa. The cushion sitting and backrest makes it easy to feel comfortable. And by size, they can candle form 1 person to 4 people easily. So it can be said to most common furnishing for a living room.

Ceiling fan

Image: Ceiling Fan

With guests and family in the same room living room can get a bit hot. So one of the many furnishing need to keep the living room comfortable is a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan helps a guest who may have come after a long walk in sun to cool down.

AM & FM radio

Some people who work before screens all day want just to sit and listen to something and close their eyes to rest them. One way they do it is by turning on a radio and listing to their favorite AM or FM show be it a news channel or music channel. They turn in on sit on the sofa or chair close their eyes and rest.


A bookshelf might the first thing one might think of when you think about living room. But many people feel like a good book after a long day is just what they need to destress themself. A small bookshelf with selective books you want to read can make a living room really comfortable. Not only for house people but guests as well. It can be used to show case book one like to guest.


The first room that guests see after entering anyone’s house can be said the living room. The living room is where they gather to talk, laugh, share stories and enjoy their visit. Similar to the living room families need to place special care while furnishing other rooms like the kitchen, bedroom, toilet, dining room, etc. And if you want to know more about and furnishing keep following us in jointread.