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Best Engineering Colleges in Pokhara

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If you are planning to pursue your higher studies in Engineering, this article might help to decide which college to choose in Pokhara. Here, in this article, you will find the list of the best engineering colleges in Pokhara. Moreover, to help you more, we have also included the different engineering courses available in these colleges.

“Science can amuse and fascinate us at all, but it is engineering that changes the world.”- Isaac Asimov

Generally, engineering is part of or the use of scientific principles to design and build machines, structures, and other items. This includes designing bridges, tunnels, machinery, roads, vehicles, buildings, networks, computers, and many more. Further, the discipline of engineering encompasses a broad range of more specialized fields of engineering. These areas have a more specific emphasis on applied mathematics, applied science, and types of application.

Let’s know more about Engineering…

Engineering requires many building blocks and tools. To construct real-world results, one has to practically apply mathematics and sciences to tangible problems and scenarios.

Though science is astonishing and shocking, the world from time to time changes through the inventions of science. In fact, the scientists and researchers who discover new theories and inventions, first educate themselves from books, experience, college, and research. Along with that, they go through a huge number of experiments to get the desired conclusions or final model or products.

Here is the list of the Best Engineering colleges in Pokhara along with the different engineering fields they teach.

IOE Paschimanchal Campus

Pokhara University School of Engineering

Pokhara Engineering College

Gandaki College Engineering and Sciences

IOE Paschimanchal Campus

The IOE Paschimanchal Campus, commonly known as WRC is one of the leading institutions for engineering in Pokhara. The campus is affiliated with the Institute of Engineering (IOE) of Tribhuvan University (TU). Tribhuvan University is the first University in Nepal.

The IOE, TU has four constituent campuses of Engineering namely Pulchowk Campus, Thapathali Campus, Paschimanchal Campus, and Purwanchal Campus. Definitely, IOE is an institution of national and international renounce. IOE is one of the best-reputed institutions for Engineering in Nepal.

The scenic Paschimanchal Campus, formerly known as Western Region Campus (WRC) is located in the northern part of the mega-scenic city Pokhara. The college is located in a peaceful and green environment. It covers a huge area. Every year many students from different areas of Nepal come here to achieve their dreams. Moreover, the campus has students from other SAARC countries as well.

Location: Lamachaur Pokhara

Phone: 061-440457, 440463, 440093, 440465

Programs Offered

MastersInfrastructure Engineering and Management
Communications and Knowledge Engineering
Electrical Engineering in Distributed Generations
Rock and Tunnel Engineering
Geospatial Engineering
BachelorsCivil Engineering
Geomatics Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Automobile and Mechanical Engineering

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The IOE Paschimanchal Campus is considered a revolutionary step towards meeting the demand for technical manpower in the field of engineering in Nepal. Nevertheless, providing skilled human resources who can contribute to the development of a nation is definitely a reputed and valued contribution.

Pokhara University School of Engineering

Pokhara University (PU) is an autonomous and non-profit public university in Pokhara. It was established in the year 1997 AD. Moreover, the university is dedicated to developing as a center of excellence for higher education by excelling in teaching, learning, and research activities.

The School of Engineering is a constituent school of Pokhara University under the faculty of Science and Technology. It was established in the year 2009 AD. It is one of the reputed institutions of engineering studies in Nepal.

Definitely, the college is committed to pursuing high standard professional and academic excellence in the field of Engineering. Moreover, it is located in the peaceful environment of Pokhara valley. Every year students from different places of Nepal get enrolled in Pokhara University School of Engineering for pursuing their education.

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Location: Pokhara Metropolitan City-30, Dhungepatan (Lekhnath)

Phone: +977-61-504046, +977-61-504039

Programs Offered

MastersConstruction Management
Electrical Engineering in Power System
Hydro-power Engineering
Structural Engineering
Public Health and Disaster Engineering  
BachelorsCivil and Rural Engineering
Computer Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Software Engineering

Pokhara Engineering College

Pokhara Engineering College was established in 1999 in Phirke Pokhara. The college is affiliated with Pokhara University. The institute aims to provide maximum figures of technical and skilled human resources in Nepal.

The college has different specific courses to choose from in the huge arena of engineering. The highly qualified and experienced faculty members along with their dedication, make Pokhara Engineering College, one of the most chosen colleges for engineering studies in Pokhara.

Moreover, Pokhara Engineering College has received recognition from both national and international universities, companies, and research centers as well. In addition, Pokhara Engineering College is established with the mission to motivate students and build up creative engineers.

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Location: Pokhara Metropolitan-8, Phirke

Phone: +977-61-531209

Programs Offered

MastersMSc. in Construction Management
BachelorComputer Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electronics and Communication
Architecture Engineering  
DiplomaCivil Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering (Proposed)
Geomatics (Surveying) Engineering (Proposed)

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Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences

Gandaki College of Engineering and Science (GCES) is a tertiary education facility in the beautiful city of Pokhara. It was founded in1998 and officially inaugurated in 1999. Moreover, the college runs under the non-profitable Public Education Trust and is affiliated with Pokhara University.

GCES has always been driven by the mission of becoming an international center of academic excellence. Further, they not only prepare students to excel in their subject matters but opens a wide domain of ideas and knowledge values, and research skills.

Location: Lamachaur, Pokhara, Nepal


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Programs Offered

MasterMSc. in Information System Engineering  
BachelorComputer Engineering
Software Engineering

On the End Note…

So, this was the list of the best engineering colleges in Pokhara.

In a further instance, Pokhara is not only famous for tourism, but it has also become an academic hub. Moreover, there are prominent educational institutions in Pokhara that provide quality education.

All these institutions included in this list are renowned all over Nepal. Every year many students from all over come to Pokhara for their studies and career.

Last but not the least, the beauty of Pokhara is a plus point for students to impart knowledge in Pokhara. Studying in Pokhara comes with an opportunity to train your mind in a peaceful yet unique atmosphere for students.