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Best Electric Chimney for your kitchen

Written by Amar Chhantyal · 2 min read >

A house is usually made up of 4 types of rooms. Livingroom where guests are typically kept, Restroom where people urinate, Bedroom for sleeping, and Kitchen where you cook and eat food. And each room has a set of furniture and equipment to decorate it with. So today we are going to discuss one of such equipment installed in a Kitchen. So here is some Electric Chimney for your kitchen.

Chimney in the simplest words can be defined as a vertical pipe or channel used to send gases and smoke from a fire or furnace up to the roof of a building. It prevents the kitchen from filling gases and smoke making it more breathable while cooking. A well-ventilated kitchen can make a huge difference for a person who constantly uses the kitchen.

Here are some Electric Chimneys you might like:

Baltra Chimney Solitaire BCH-111P 60cm

From Baltra, this is a BCH-111P model electric chimney with a size of 60 cm and suction power of 950m3/hr. It is made up of stainless steel body with a layer of Aluminium Cassette Filter. The sound level is also pretty low making it less irritating to keep using for a period of time. It is installed with a push-type switch and ss panel with 5 years warranty on the motor.

European Standard Pristine Kitchen Chimney

Pristine Kitchen Chimney is a 90 cm chimney hood made up of stainless steel and black tempered glass. This electric chimney has a 2-spped push button discop switch with a two 1.5W LED. The chimney easily has suction power of 1000m3/hr with ball bearing copper motor.

Alda CHA-601 SS Kitchen Chimney

This is an ALDA brand stainless steel finish chimney with a size of 60 cms and airflow of 700m3/h. It has an Italian motor with TOP, a Baffle filer and push button control.

CG Stainless Steel Chimney (CGCP90YA)

This is a CG brand eclectic Chimney of Model No: CGCP90YA made with Stainless Steel. It has a 2 LED and a size of about 90 cm. This chimney has a suction power of 1050 m3/hr and push button type of control.

CG Baffle Filter Chimney (CGCP90YB)

Model no CGCP90YB, CG Baffle Filter Chimney is a CG brand electronic chimney. This is a stainless steel chimney with a size of bout 90 cm with 2 LED and baffle-filter. It has a suction power of 1050 m3/hr with touch control and 1-year warranty on the motor.

Osmo Baffle P Kitchen Chimeny

From Osmo brand, Osmo baffle P kitchen chimney is an Electric chimney with a SS Cone Filter with Oil Collector Cup filter and with auto heat clean function. This chimney has a suction power of 950 m3/hr with a copper motor and push bottom disco heat.

ULTRATEC Kitchen Chimney – HT6001

ULTRATEC Kitchen Chimney – HT6001 is an international standard stainless steel and tempered glass chimney. It has a suction 1250m3/hr and 3 speed touch control. This chimney has a 5 year warranty.

Glen 6071 1000 M3/H Black EX Kitchen Chimney

This is a stainless steel wall-mounted chimney. It has dimensions of 24 Inches(L) x 19Inches (B) x 24 Inches(H). Glen 6071 is easy to operate with push button controls, LED lights and has a 1000m3/hr of suction.


For a house, there are many necessities. Not only what a house is made up of matter where it is made also plays a big role. And step after making the house itself is filling it with various furniture and equipment. Sofa, carpet, TV, low table, etc for Living room. Daraz, Bed, low bed, etc for bedroom. Stove, refrigerator, cupboard, utensils, etc for the kitchen. So keep following us if you want to fill your house with the equipment and furniture of your desire.