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Best Business Startup Ideas in Nepal

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Who doesn’t want to make money and live a happy life? Everyone wishes to make money and have what they want. But has anyone ever wondered how successful business people got there? Everyone has always wished to obtain success. Today regarding this topic we will discuss exactly the best business startup ideas in Nepal.

Before We Begin

Nepal is a developing country with a great scope of business. While many new entrepreneurs and youths in Nepal every year, come up with new business startup ideas. Among them, some survive and others fail. So, here we are with the list of best business startup ideas in Nepal.

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Here is the List of Best Business Startup Ideas in Nepal

Many people migrate to foreign nations as a result of the increasing rate of unemployment and poverty. Every year, a large number of Nepalese migrate abroad in search of work and a better life.

In addition, one of Nepal’s major problems is the government’s lack of support for businesses and youths with new business ideas. Therefore, we are here with the list of best business startup ideas in Nepal. So, now without delay, let’s move on to the list.

Tourist Guide

Image Source: Tourist Guide

Everyone knows how rich Nepal is in terms of cultural activities, adventurous activities, religious site visits, street food, etc. Tourists are more attracted to these things and also there was a campaign in 2020 about promoting such things called Visit Nepal 2020.

The tourism industry is one of the strong points in the context of Nepal. If you are very familiar with your city or street and its popular places you can be a very great guide. The profit with wandering around like a bird in your street with the people sharing your knowledge and experience, who doesn’t like such kind of business to live.

Often, tourist guide earns Rs.24,000 to Rs.75,000 and some guides also receive some tips from the tourist about an average of 100$ for their good service of a guide.

Videography/Photography and Designing

Image Source: Videography

Videography/photography or designing has always been the most demanded in the market. Since its application is very versatile and used for advertising, wedding, vlog, film making, and many other sectors.

Everyone wants to make their video a hit or viral with creativity. With the help of an editor, as well as a photographer and a designer who cooperate and create plans to put their experience and knowledge into practice.

If you have all of the necessary skills and experience, you can easily create your own production house or work in any respective company with a handsome salary. In Nepal, an editor typically makes roughly Rs.50,000 per year, based primarily on their skills and experience in the field.

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Modern Agriculture (Integrate Farming)

best business startup ideas
Image Source: Agriculture

Agriculture has always been the backbone of a country like Nepal financially. It provides about 33% of GDP to Nepal. About 66% population of Nepal does agriculture for livelihood.

They are mainly engaged in crops, wheat, millet, vegetables, and fruit production with also some animal farming or poultry farming in the traditional way. Only some people are engaged in modern agriculture and few had used it to its full potential.

Starting modern agriculture will save a lot of time and effort while increasing the efficiency of the work. We’ve also observed that, because of the huge profit potential of modern agriculture, even educated individuals are getting engaged.

There is even the dedicated course of agriculture in bachelor which will help to learn in detail about modern agriculture. Normally, a traditional farmer earns Rs.24, 500 per month with a lot of effort, but with modern farming with the technologies, you can increase your working efficiency and productivity and earn drastically.

Cultural Restaurant

best business startup ideas
Image Source: Cultural Restaurant

Everyone knows Nepal is a culturally diversified country. Traditional, custom, or nature, Nepal has always been bestowed with lots of attractive things. Custom outfits, festivals, and even traditional food. There are lots of people in restaurants who cook and serve traditional food with a respective culture like Newari, Thakali, Tibetan, etc.

Nepalese people of different, cast, as well as tourists, adore such kinds of food to eat. Food has always been served as a business in various locations which is also a great factor to earn profit depending on the restaurant opened in the place.

Tourist spots like lakes, temples, hiking pathways, etc. have always been the popular place for such kind of business with cooking skills and experience. On average, the restaurant manager earns around Rs.47, 700 depending on the location and scale of the restaurant.

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Pickle e-business

best business startup ideas
Image Source: Achar

Pickles (Achar) have always been popular since old times. Most Nepalese are very familiar with the word Achar and everyone likes to eat it with rice, roti, parathas, etc. Family, friends, or even relatives serve it with food.

Keeping that in mind many pickles e-business in Nepal is getting popular these days like Ama ko achar, mummas achar, NepaleMarket, etc. These sites are the most known for selling Achar among people.

Achar is very simple to make and can get the recipe from anywhere on the internet. Moreover, you can also ask a member of your family, such as your grandma, to teach you how to prepare it. Starting this business targeting the local market at first will be easy and then come to a high market as the business progresses. 

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These are the best business startup ideas in Nepal.

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