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Be a wise social media user. Social Media Etiquettes Explained

Written by Barsha Bishwakarma · 2 min read >
Social Media

You are studying. What distracts you the most? You are working. What disturbs you the most? You are tired. What is stopping you from sleeping? What is the first thing you look into after waking up and the last thing you look into before sleeping? You might have got the answers already. There are chances that your answers and our prediction may be the same “Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok or may be none of these. If your answers is one of these, then you use social media a lot. Owing to your interests in social media, it will be beneficial for you to know about some social media etiquettes.

Staying safe from frauds, fake news, and embarrassment is really important while using internet. After all, nobody likes to get embarrassed in public. So here are some social media etiquettes to help you be a wise social media user:

Handling Internet to be a Wise and Nice Social Media User

Being on internet means being public so you got to be nice and equally wise. Acting nicely and wisely is a master key for all social media users. You can do this by simply thinking before posting anything on social media.

Trends” on social media change a lot. Also it has its own vocabulary and words with specific meanings. So getting known to some social media terms can help you a lot.

Keeping short and brief messages and posts is always attractive than the lengthy and difficult ones.

Don’t Shout: Avoid using all CAPITAL LETTERS in any email or post.

While being online protecting your personal information is a must. There can be invaders who can misuse your personal information like address, phone number, family details, bank account number, Credit card number and can get you into serious troubles.

There are limitations to what you can post in social media. You need to be careful when using someone else’s private information like quotes, brand name, pictures, video or audio clips, phone number, email address etc. You can get punished for disobeying the copyright laws.

Holding and thinking before sending a message or posting anything can save you from unavoidable circumstances.

Your posts should not be offensive with regards to any cast, creed, nationality, religion, geography, gender, and profession. Mind this, the consequences can cause you huge fine and jail too.

Since social media doesn’t come with all pro and expert users, helping someone if they are doing something in the wrong way is a wise move.

Trolling or Trolls is another major discovery of social media. Trolling someone is like bullying and this can lead to mental abuse. So your post should not lead to any negativity. However, there are many people out there who can troll anything. Try to take them light-heartedly and focus only on the bright side. Ignoring, replying with facts or diffusing them with humor can help. If things get serious you can block them or report them.

Social media spreads a lot of fake news. So choosing wisely between the fake news and real news is important. As a wise user, one should always try to check the truth about the news before sharing it with others. Please check this article for more information about fake news.

  • Check for the source of the news
  • Find out who shared the news
  • How is the language and tone?
  • Look closer towards the images shown in the news
  • Do not rely on the headlines only. Read the full news thoroughly.
  • Avoid sharing and liking anything that you think is fake

You can receive spams (irrelevant messages) especially in the form of advertisement. ClickBait (where you click into some options on the screen and it will lead you to another “risky” websites) should also be avoided.

One should try to understand the beliefs and emotions of the potential audiences before posting anything in social media.

With the proper use of social media one can get entertainment and other benefits too. Business can grow using social media marketing, public icons and celebrities can become more popular and familiar using social media, public awareness can also be generated using social media. We can make friends beyond borders and also get membership in different clubs and communities. Social media also helps you to find your soulmates these days. Sharing happiness and getting in touch with friends and families- Thanks to internet for making this possible.

Written by Barsha Bishwakarma
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