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Bachelor of Optometry in Nepal

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Nepal has multiple courses that students can take after they finish their 10+2 studies. Bachelor of Architecture (B Arch), Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies, (BADS) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), Bachelor of Computer Engineering (BE Computer), etc. One of the choices they have is optometry. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can get into Optometry in Nepal.

Optometry is essentially a medical field that deals with the examination of the eyes for defects and vision impairment, the prescription of corrective lenses or eye exercises, the testing and treatment of eye illnesses, and the referring of such patients for treatment.

Optometry course in Nepal

To get into optometry course student have to complete a science course in +2 with subject choices of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and/or Mathematics. Admissions to the Diploma in Optometry program are either based on merit or by admission exam. Universities and colleges create the merit list. AMU EE, BU EE, BFUHS EE, and others are some of the acceptable entry tests.

As for the admission process, first students are to pass the admission test with a minimum of 50% marks. If students pass the admission test they are to submit original an 1/1 photocopy of the following documents.

  • Certificate of qualification, Transcript and Character Certificate of 10+2 and SLC/SEE or Equivalent.
  • Copy of Citizenship / Passport.
  • Admit card of the Entrance Examination.
  • Documents submitted for reservation.
  • Certificate of Equivalence for the students with certificates from foreign institutions.

A diploma in optometry can be obtained after taking an Optometric course for 3 years. Students will learn about several concepts related to eye health, diseases, diagnosis, and treatment of human eyes in this course. The training covers subjects like psychology, patient care, and retail management in the optical industry. The average tuition fee for the course can range from NRS 50000 to NRS 200000 in a year.

Universtiy with optometry course available

Optometry courses can only be found in a few universities. So here are some colleges where optometry course is available

  1. Tribhuvan University :
    The optometry course was started in 1998 to meet the shortage of eye health professionals in Nepal. At first optometry was a 3 year program though it changed to 4 years in 2005 AD. The goal of starting this course was to develop skilled, caring, and community-minded optometric professionals who can provide eye care and recognize ocular and related systemic illnesses that should be directed to medical professionals.
  2. Maharajgunj Medical Campus:
    Maharajgunj Medical Campus which is located near Maharajgunj Kathmandu is one of the 9 campuses of the Institute of Medicine. Many programs are available in this college which includes the Bachelor of Optometry.
  3. B.P. Koirala Lions Centre for Ophthalmic Studies:
    The B.P. Koirala Lions Centre for Ophthalmic Studies was established under the guidance of the Institute of Medicine with the goal of enhancing the eye health of Nepalese citizens by providing comprehensive eye care and establishing a workforce of ophthalmologists who are sensitive to the needs of both individuals and large population groups living in both urban and rural areas. They provide many educational programs, Bachelor in optometry being one of them.
  4. Pokhara University:
    After Nepal adopted the multi university concept in 1983, the Pokhara University (PU) was first conceptualized in 1986, but it wasn’t actually founded until 1997 as a result of the Pokhara University Act, 1997. PU, an autonomous non-profit institution, is partially funded by the Nepali government and in part by fees from its students and allied colleges.
  5. Himalayan Eye hospital:
    Himalayan Eye hospital has introduced a four-year program for producing vision specialists. With affiliation from Pokhara University, the necessary procedure form the time of admission for the year has been finished. The program was introduced to brought to produce efficient manpower for eye disease treatment.

Job scopes for Optometry in Nepal

Image: Optometry

The student who studies optometry can work as an optometrist. Optometrists meet with patients and perform different tests to determine common eyesight issues for which they can prescribe glasses or contacts. They also check eyes for diseases, perform vision therapy, etc. Optometrists occasionally encounter issues like diabetic retinopathy, which is a sign of a larger issue like diabetes.

If optometrists are not what they want to do for themselves they can try other careers like Optician showrooms, Eye doctors, Contact Lens and Ophthalmic lens industry, hospital Eye departments, etc. They can even try to seek employment with any multinational organization dealing with eye care products.

Future prospects for Optometry in Nepal

Optometry earning is determined by different factors like coverage under provincial medical programs, fee schedules, hours worked, practice location, services provided, and patient population. Salaried optometrists tend to earn more initially than optometrists who set up their own practices. The salary of an optometrist can range from NRS 87900 to NRS 272000 per month.


After 10+2 the freedom of courses you can is high. Though Optometry might not be common course that student takes after +2 doesn’t mean it’s a wrong choice. But if you want to know some of the top colleges for other courses like civil engineering, Medical Lab. Technology, Computer Engineering, etc.