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Bachelor of Arts in Nepal

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Hello readers, do you know there are a lot of courses and paths you can choose after you passed your +2? As per your interest and whichever you feel suits your planning, you can choose from a wide range of options. In particular, if you have a specific interest in fine arts, design, hospitality, mass media communication, journalism, literature, political science, or any subjects like these, you can choose Bachelor of Arts in Nepal.

After all, it is the starting of your career. So, please take a few minutes and read this article till the very end. We hope this article will help you choose the most suitable course for higher studies in Nepal.

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Before we begin

Let’s know more about the Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts is a 3 or 4-year bachelor’s degree course that focuses on giving the students broad knowledge and education in arts, humanities, and social sciences.

This course has a varied range of courses you can choose from. As a matter of fact, a Bachelor of Arts is full of concentration subjects that require creativity and ideologies. You can explore your full potential in creativity and implement it in your career.

Here is a list of Major Subjects in Bachelor of Arts in Nepal

As a matter of fact, Bachelors of Arts is a very popular subject that most students choose for their higher studies. Students can use their creativity and explore the environment to understand the theories in Arts.

Moreover, arts comprises subjects rich in history and literature to understand sociology and human culture worldwide.

Art HistoryJournalism
Cognitive ScienceLinguistics
Comparative LiteratureMathematics
EnglishPolitical Science
Environmental and Sustainability StudiesPsychology
Gender StudiesReligious Studies
Geological SciencesStudio Art
Theatre DramaMedia Studies
MusicPublic Administration

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Major Electives of Bachelor of Arts

Now, let’s discuss some major electives of Bachelor of Arts.

Mass Communication and Journalism

Mass communication is the subject that provides knowledge to the students of the art of providing information to a large audience. These mediums can be newspapers, radios, television, and social media.

Journalism teaches students to write about recent developments, articles; news for newspapers, magazines, etc. In short, mass communication and journalism gives knowledge to the students the art of providing recent information and news to the public.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts teaches students visual and performing arts such as acting, musical theater, creative writing, music, interior design, and photography. Likewise, there are painting, printmaking, sculpture, stage management, dance, drawing, visual arts, technical arts, and much more.


Let’s talk about another elective, i.e. sociology. Sociology is a social science related to the study of social life, social change, society, and human behavior and relationships. 


It is one of the major electives in Bachelors of Arts that focuses in the study of human mind and behaviour.

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Next up, we have Anthropology that focuses on the scientific study of humanity. Anthropology studies human behavior, human biology, cultures, and societies in the present and past. Moreover, two types of anthropology are social anthropology and cultural anthropology.

Social anthropology studies patterns of human behavior in past and present. And, cultural anthropology studies, cultural meaning, norms, and values.

Political science

Political science is the study of the system of governance, political activities, political thoughts, or behavior. Moreover, it also studies the history, ideas, system, and power of politics from national and international perspectives.


Linguistics is the scientific study of language. It includes analysis of language, form, meaning, and context. Also, it involves the analysis of the social, cultural, historical, and political factors that influence language.


Philosophy is the study of nature, existence, ethics, knowledge, and truth.

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Some Major Programs of Nepal University

In Nepal, most of the students chose their major programs in Bachelor of Arts in Nepal such as mass communication and journalism. Furthermore, there are other major programs like economics, math, English, Nepali, English, economics, geography, psychology, sociology, anthropology, rural development, history, and others.

In addition, you can find these major variants of Bachelor of Arts in most universities of Nepal. For instance, Purbanchal University, Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, and Kathmandu University run the Bachelor of Arts program.

Scopes and Opportunities

Obviously, there are a lot of scopes and opportunities you can get from Bachelor of Arts. However, it depends upon your level of skills to establish a well-settled career. With proper knowledge and skills, you can definitely do well in any career you choose.

For instance, you can set a good career in the following fields.

  • News reporter
  • Journalist
  • Jobs in NGO or INGO 
  • Cultural organizations
  • Politics
  • Civil service
  • Private companies
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Teacher
  • Article writer
  • Musician
  • Film Maker
  • Actor
  • Fine arts

Moreover, you can also pursue your higher studies for Master’s and Ph. D after completing Bachelors of Arts. Nevertheless, following your passion and working hard to achieve your dreams will definitely help you achieve your goals.

On the EndNote…

In summary, you can take Bachelor of Arts in Nepal as an option for your higher studies after +2. In fact, it is absolutely true that choosing a subject that suits you the best is the first step to start your career. Apart from this, hard work and dedication is equally important to achieve your goals.

To conclude, we can say the Bachelor of Arts in Nepal provides a wide range of career options to choose from. Anthropology, mass communication and journalism, music, fine arts, literature, political science, law, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and others are some of the major electives in Bachelors of Arts in Nepal.

After the Bachelor of Arts degree, students can start their career in the field such as a newsreader, news reporter, journalist, lawyer, jobs in NGO, or INGO, civil services, fine arts, and many more. Likewise, students also can pursue a higher master’s degree like a Master in Arts, or Master in Education after they graduated with a Bachelor in Arts.

Finally, this was all about studying Bachelor of Arts in Nepal. If you think this article was helpful, please show us your love. Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions as well. Thank you for your time. Stay safe!