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Alternative Methods of Teaching and Learning

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Dear Readers, the new variant of COVID-19 in Nepal has once again left every one of us behind the doors. After facing almost a year of stay-at-home lockdown, schools and colleges had just started their physical classes in Nepal. And now, again there is the same scenario, or let’s say even worse. Despite this, one thing is sure that one day or next to the schools and colleges will open. Lockdown can change the ways we do things. The same is going on in teaching and learning techniques. In this article, you will find the different alternative methods of teaching and learning.

Not long ago, many of the educational institutions had never practised distance learning or online learning. But all credits to the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. Today, not only colleges, even primary classes are running through online classes. One of the major reasons for nationwide lockdown is to break the chain of virus spread. So, considering the present scenario we can say, it will take more some more months for schools and colleges to reopen.

Teaching and learning are not only limited to the classroom and books. Here, you will find the different alternative methods of teaching and learning.

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Alternative Methods of Teaching and Learning

Physical Based Teaching Method

The physical-based teaching method is one of the traditional and widely used teaching methods. In physical-based teaching, students and teachers interact physically in the classroom or field. Here are various types of physical-based teaching methods listed below:

1. Direct Instruction

Direct instruction is the traditional method of teaching. This method includes lecture and demonstration methods of teaching.

2. Kinesthetic Learning

Another teaching method is the kinesthetic teaching method. In the kinesthetic learning model, students learn with the motto of play and learn.

This method focuses on the hands-on learning method instead of lectures or demonstrations from the teacher. Also, the students learn from playing, drawing, role-play, drama, and others.

3. Flipped Classrooms

Now, let’s talk about flipped classrooms. In this teaching method, lecturers, professors, or teacher record their live lectures and share them with the students. Moreover, students assess these lectures through their mobile or computers. By watching these prerecorded lectures, students complete their assignments and homework.

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4. Differentiated Instruction

The Differentiated Instruction method is helpful to meet the needs of the students. In this teaching method, teachers differentiate students according to their engagement, interest, learning styles, learning time, and others.

Sometimes, this means Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for students with special needs. In addition, the teachers provide different content, projects, materials, assignment focusing on the actual needs of the students.

5. Inquiry-Based Learning

The Inquiry-Based Learning method is based on the participation of students in learning. Here, the teacher gives students various tasks, such as projects, assignments, and problems to solve. Moreover, the teachers encourage students to take part and ask a question related to the topic.

6. Game-Based Learning

Another method of physical-based teaching is the game-based learning method. In this method, the teachers assign different problems and assignments to the students. And, the students need to find the solutions with the help of different games. All in all, the game-based teaching method encourages students to be more active while learning. Teachers can plan different games related to their subjects and topics to make their teaching easier.

7. Expeditionary Learning

This is a project-based learning method. In expeditionary learning, students perform research and in-depth study of the subject. Additionally, the students explore the real world or field for learning. Students learn from their findings, observation, and evaluation in expeditionary learning.

8. Personalized Learning

In personalized learning, teachers encourage students to use their skills, knowledge, and style to solve the problem or learn. In addition, this method enables students to learn according to their interests, ability, and skills. The teacher provides hands out material to the students to boost the learning of the students.

Distance Learning or Online Teaching Method

One of the very popular alternative methods of teaching and learning is Distance Learning or Online Learning. Moreover, this method is now known globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this method, teachers and students communicate with each other using the internet. There are different mediums such as Zoom, Google Meet, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, etc. These platforms support conference calls, video conferencing, notes sharing, assignment sharing, attendance, whiteboards, screen sharing, and other features to make online classes more effective.

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In addition, this teaching method has been so much helpful in learning for students during this pandemic phase. Students and teachers can communicate from the place and time they want. This learning method is also very suitable for distance-based learning.

Technology-based teaching method

Now, let’s talk about another alternative method of teaching and learning i.e. the technology-based teaching method.

It requires computers, mobiles, DVD players, speakers, projectors, television, or any other devices for technology-based teaching. Moreover, this teaching method may also require an internet connection.

Some examples of Technology-based teaching methods are virtual seminars, workshops, discussions, online trainings, internet video conferences, etc. Various other tools are also required such as CD-ROM, USB drives for storing data, cloud storage, images, videos, software and applications, etc.

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On the EndNote…

These are widely used alternative methods of teaching and learning all over the world. The education system cannot come to a stop. One way or another we have to find alternative options to carry on the teaching and learning processes. So, these methods can be effective for students to continue their studies.

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Thank you for your time. Stay safe everyone.