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Alternatives of LPG Gas in Nepal

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We all know LPG gas is a household name for all of us. And for a country like ours, a shortage of LPG can cause so much mess and hassle in our daily life. Since the import of LPG cylinders can sometimes face some obstacles causing us to suffer, it is a wise choice to have at least one alternative option for cooking. Find in this article, the top alternatives of LPG gas in Nepal. Here, we have mentioned the top alternative options we can use instead of LPG cylinders.

Before we begin

First of all, let’s know what LPG is. LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a composition of light hydrocarbons produced from the refining of crude oil (about 40%) and the processing of natural gas (about 60%).

It consists primarily of propane and butane. We can use LPG gases for cooking, heating, lighting, and much more.

The Nepal Gas Industries Pvt. Ltd. (NGI) is the major incorporation that handles and operates the import and distribution of LPG cylinders in Nepal. It was incorporated and established at Balaju Industrial District (BID) Kathmandu in 2026 B.S.

Alternatives of LPG gas in Nepal

We know we use LPG gas is mostly used for cooking at home and restaurants as cooking. On the other hand, there are other options too for cooking except for LPG gas. Find here the best alternatives of LPG gas you can use for cooking.

Solar Cooker

The solar cooker is a device that is used for cooking food by using solar energy. Solar cooker minimizes pollution and also is very safe and easy to use. Moreover, this cooker uses no fuel for cooking. Therefore, it doesn’t need any cost to operate. Installing it once will be enough.

Electric Cooker

An electric cooker is also another alternative for LPG gas. Electric cooker produces heat through electricity. And, this very heating mechanism helps to cook food. Most of the electric cookers have a heating metal (coil) that heats to provide heating to the cookers. Unlike, LPG gas stove, the electric cookers do not produce any flames.

Moreover, we can find different types of electric cookers in the market. For example, microwave oven, oven, rice cooker, barbeque machine, bread toaster, electric stove, and many more. Electric cookers are not very expensive. Moreover, they do not require any periodic filling which makes them a one-time investment.

Biomass Energy

Biomass is the material made up of output from plants and animals. Plants, degradable wastes, and wastes of animals are biomass energy. We can use the different waste of animals to produce cooking gas known as Biomass Gas. Commonly, it is known as Gobar Gas.

We can find Biomass gas or gobar gas in mostly rural areas where people mostly do the animal husbandry like cow, buffaloes, oxen in their houses. With gobar gas cooking stove, we can prepare meals two times every day.

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Induction Cooker

The induction cooker is one of the very popular cooking systems used worldwide. Just like the electric cooker, the induction cooker does not produce any flames. Moreover, the cooker heats the cooking vessel by using electric induction.

It is one of the best alternatives to LPG gas for cooking purposes. However, it requires a special induction-based non-magnetized cooking pot to cook. A coil of copper wire under the cooking vessel heats the cooking pot.

Advantages of these Alternatives of LPG Gas

Now let’s talk about the advantages of these alternatives. Of course, for a country like Nepal, it is definitely beneficial to have an alternative option for cooking. Who knows when any shortage may occur. Therefore, it is better to use alternative options too. Along with that, using alternative options is comparatively less expensive than using LPG gas. LPG gas requires periodic filling whereas, the other alternatives are a one-time investment.

Here are some benefits of using alternatives of LPG gases in Nepal.

  • These gases are more affordable than LPG gas.
  • LPG gas requires periodic filling. It costs more to fill up an LPG cylinder in a year than buying an electric cooker.
  • These alternatives are safe to use compared to LPG gas.
  • Electric cookers are reliable as long as we have an electricity supply.

On the End Note…

In conclusion, we can obviously try using these alternatives at our home. They are safe, reliable, and comaparatively affordable as well.

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