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A Stepwise Guide for Civil Rate Analysis App

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Civil Rate Analysis is a mobile app developed by Magic Cube Engineering Solutions and Consultancy (MCE). MCE is a company based in Pokhara. It is a “One Stop Engineering Solution” and provides civil engineering as well as services related to IT. Civil Rate Analysis is an app suitable for civil engineers and non-engineers. The app is basically a cost estimation app. Here, this article is a step-wise guide to use this Civil Rate Analysis app.

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About Civil Rate Analysis App

Civil Rate Analysis – Construction Cost Estimation is an application that can be used to estimate the cost of construction of different civil engineering works such as overall house building cost and cost estimation based on a particular category of construction. The estimated price shows the approximate market rate for the country of Nepal.
The categories supported by this app are listed below:

  • Site Clearance
  • Excavation
  • Brick Works
  • Stone Works
  • Concrete Works
  • Roofing
  • Plastering
  • Painting
  • Sanitary Works

This app is best suitable for Engineers, Contractors, Students, and people who want to have a general idea of estimating budgets for construction works. The default data provided are near to the national average of Nepal for the fiscal year 2076/77 B.S. The values of cost estimation may not line-up with the current market values due to various reasons like local inflation, variation in transportation and fuel charges, labor cost, time of the year, etc. However, to address this issue, the rate of material and manpower costing can be customized.
The overall building estimation section in this app produces the result based on the thumb rule and is for having a general idea of the cost of building a house. Specific materials’ price is taken as a wholesome average from the market.

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Here is a step-wise guide to use Civil Rate Analysis App:

  1. This is the Home Screen of the app. Here you can find the different categories of services you want to estimate the cost for.

2. Calculate the overall cost of the house. You can also choose the type of house you are building.

Civil Rate Analysis App provides different categories to make the calculations more specific and easier.

3. For site clearance, enter the dimensions and calculate. It is as easy as that. You can change labor rate.

3. For cost estimation of excavation works, you can choose this option. You can also select the type of land and its features for more specific calculation.

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4. Choose Brick Works category to estimate the cost of brick constructions. You can also choose the type of brick to use.

5. Stone Works category is for estimating the cost of stone works such as stone soling.

6. We can estimate the cost of concrete works such as foundation, super structure, ground and other concrete construction.

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7. The app also makes it easy to calculate the cost for roofing of CGI Sheet (Tin) for houses and buildings.

8. Choose thr Plastering category to estimate cost for plaster works.

9. The app also has a specific category to estimate the cost of painting walls and ceilings. It also includes further details of the type of paint to make the calculation more accurate.

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10. The app is meant for cost estimation of construction works. there is also a category to estimate the cost of sanitary constructions like toilet and wash basins.

In conclusion…

The app covers almost all the basic requirements for the cost estimation of construction works. It can be used in offline mode as well i.e. it does not require an internet connection to use. Its easy user interface makes it a handy tool for anyone to use it. The app is available for both Android and Apple.

JointRead congratulates the entire team for developing this useful app for the Nepalese market.

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