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6G in China; the 6th Generation of Mobile Network

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China has recently launched its research and development work for the 6th generation of mobile networks. Find in this article, more information about 6G in China. Definitely, it is another futuristic leap in the mobile network.

China has launched the World’s First 6G Satellite.

To be frank, most people around the world still fancy the 5G network. And there is China! We can say it has taken a step ahead of all.

The vice-minister Wang Xi from the Department of Science and Technology directed that the 6 G is in the “initial phase” and the country must attach “great importance” to the technology. – CNBC

6G is in its “initial phase” and there is a “long way to go” before commercialization.

The official statement about the research and development of 6G mobile network was released by the Department of Science and Technology.

World’s First 6G Satellite released in China

Nov 6, China released the world’s first 6G satellite, a Long March 6 rocket, and sent a payload of 13 satellites into orbit.

The never ending quest for more in everything has created many inventions. Undoubtedly, the “Gs of Mobile Netowork” is one of them.

While most of the countries are still in the 4G, China is on the way towards the 6G.

Also, there is a long way to make 6G a household name for everyone. Once, the 6G project is successful, we may definitely get to experience the fastest mobile network.

On the EndNote…

Things may also change a lot in the mobile network of the 6th Generation. Who knows? All we can do is just wait for the genius brains out there to bring out the best of the best in technology.

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