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15 Tips to Make You a Smart and Intelligent Person

We often confuse intelligence with the measure of IQ and the number of A’s in the grades. However, the reality is far beyond that. Want to know how to become an intelligent person? Here are 15 tips to make you a smart and intelligent person. Your first step is to read this article patiently and analytically.

Intelligence is regardless of what you do or where you come from. Actually, intelligence is your mindset and how you perceive the things happening around you.

Quick Guide to 15 tips that can make you a smart ad intelligent person

  1. Never talk about how smart you are
  2. Try to figure out things by yourself
  3. Always keep on learning
  4. Imitate but don’t turn into a copycat
  5. Remembering little things
  6. Taking notes
  7. Learn to connect dots
  8. Accept the contradiction
  9. Invest your time wisely
  10. Learn from your experiences
  11. Ask questions
  12. Move slow and steady
  13. Accept failures
  14. Try to make everyone around you feel smart
  15. Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes

Here are some points on how to become intelligent that will help you stand out of crowd.

1. Never talk about how smart you are.

If you think you are smart enough to call yourself an intelligent person, keep it to yourself. Never brag about yourself. Nevertheless, there is just a thin line between being SMART and OVER SMART.

If you actually do and say smart things, definitely, people will notice your actions themselves.

2. Try to figure out things by yourself

Try to experiment and look for ideas to solve problems. Always seek for solutions within yourself.

You may fail sometimes but what matters is at least you tried it yourself first. Intelligent people always opt to struggle first rather than seeking for a helping hand.

3. Always keep on learning

Intelligent people always focus on what they want to know. Keep your brains active. Feed them new things and new ideas.

Learn to gain something new for yourself. The more you know, the more you will become analytical. Eventually, you will become a smart person.

4. Imitate but don’t turn into a copycat

Learning from others and viewing how others do it is actually a sign of intelligence. Moreover, learning from someone’s pros and cons can help you imagine yourself and your ideas in similar situations.

Also, keep in mind, it takes no longer to turn you into a copycat if you keep on imitating someone heavily.

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5. Remembering little things

Odd but true! Your approach and perception towards little thing determine your actual intelligence. Remembering small details about your workplace, friends, and colleagues help you stand out among all.

In addition, if you apply those little details into your daily life, definitely the difference will be visible. Remembering little details and applying them makes you intelligent.

6. Taking notes

Always keep a habit of taking notes. Be it a point or more, writing will help you stick to your schedule. Taking notes will make you a good listener.

I read, I forget. I write, I remember.

Whenever in a class or a meeting or while taking any orders, keeping notes will eventually make you intelligent. There won’t be any risk of forgetting the things to do.

7. Learn to connect the dots

Always try to look for connection between the similar and dissimilar things. This will help you import ideas from one context to another.

For this you can categorize the information into different categories and observe them from different perspectives.

8. Accept the contradiction

The world is full of contradictions. Intelligent people can hold two conflicting ideas in their head at the same time.

Always try to accept the conflicting ideas and find ways to admire each one on its own strengths and merits.

9. Invest your time wisely

Spend your time on productive things. Also, spending your time in things that make you feel less stressed and help you relax is a wise thing to do after a tiring day.

Do your activities and schedule your priorities wisely.

10. Learn from your experiences

Always search for patterns in ordinary stuff and try to scale them up. Also, observing tiny parts of life that everyone else overlooks, and figuring out how to explain them is a step towards intelligence.

The explanations you derive from your experience become theories and they can lead to huge breakthroughs.

11. Ask questions

If you know nothing you ask nothing and if you ask nothing you know nothing.

Never hesitate on sharing your queries. For what you don’t know may be the actual truth hiding behind the curtain.

12. Move slow and steady

Never rush for action. Think and sit quietly when everyone is busy with their squabbling and grandstanding.

Sitting quiet and concentrated doesn’t make you dumb or lazy. Think, analyze, and then speak your heart out.

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13. Accept your failures

Failures can teach you many things. Learn from your failures.

One who does nothing makes no mistakes

This will make you intelligent as you will be able to percieve your mistakes and learn from them.

14. Try to make everyone around you feel smart

Using big words doesn’t make you sound smarter but using the right words do.

Make the people around you feel smart. Always praise other people’s intelligence. This won’t decrease your intelligence but will help you look smart and intelligent among all.

15. Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes

Always try to think from different viewpoints. Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes to understand how your actions affect them.

Be an active listener during arguments and debates. Don’t just focus your mind on jumping into the middle of arguments with your point of view. Make space for the voices of others.

On the end note…

You get smart by listening, learning, and observing.

Smartness and intelligence cannot be measured or achieved by some hard and fast rules. However, one can still follow tips and develop good habits. Eventually, this will help to grow the level of intelliegnce.

Intelligence cannot be learned from books or any other person, your observations, patience and your mindset reflect the level of intelligence you can develop.

Writing makes me happy.
Do what you like, and like what you do.

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Barsha Bishwakarma

Writing makes me happy. Do what you like, and like what you do.

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